Premises definition

Premises means a dwelling unit and the structure of which it is a part and facilities and appurtenances therein and grounds, areas and facilities held out for the use of tenants generally or whose use is promised to the tenant.

Examples of Premises in a sentence

  • The Occurrence must take place on the Business Premises and during the Policy Period.

  • This measure is designed to ensure that security staffers constitute a visible, identifiable and adequate security presence to discourage unlawful, disorderly, or hazardous activities within the Licensed Premises and in the parking lot to further assist police in identifying security personnel when patrolling or responding to complaints or calls.

  • The only exception to this policy shall be for those patrons who demonstrate to Licensee before admittance that they hold a valid New Jersey motor vehicle license indicating that they reside within five hundred (500) feet of the Licensed Premises and have not arrived at the Licensed Premises in a motor vehicle.

  • Property tax shall be assessed for the building as commercial category.3) Permission for commercial use of premises/approved plan/ any other acceptable proof for commercial use should be provided.4) Premises should have occupation certificate or any acceptable proof issued by the competent authority5) The entire property shall belong to same set of owners.

  • Licensee shall strictly enforce a policy to bar admittance to any patron who is not wearing a non-removable wristband, that has been provided to such patron by Licensee’s valet parking attendant or parking supervisor, as evidence that the vehicle in which such patron arrived at the Licensed Premises has been parked in Licensee’s parking lot.

More Definitions of Premises

Premises refers to CenturyLink's Central Offices and Serving Wire Centers; all buildings or similar structures owned, leased, or otherwise controlled by CenturyLink that house its network facilities; all structures that house CenturyLink facilities on public rights-of-way, including but not limited to vaults containing Loop Concentrators or similar structures; and all land owned, leased, or otherwise controlled by CenturyLink that is adjacent to these Central Offices, Wire Centers, buildings and structures. "Product Catalog" or "PCAT" is a CenturyLink document that provides information needed to request services available under this Agreement. CenturyLink agrees that CLEC shall not be held to the requirements of the PCAT. The PCAT is available on CenturyLink's web site: xxxx:// "Project Coordinated Installation" allows CLEC to coordinate installation activity as prescribed in section, including out of hours coordination. "Proof of Authorization" or "POA" shall consist of verification of the End User Customer's selection and authorization adequate to document the End User Customer's selection of its local service provider.
Premises means the designated structure or structures and land specified in the application that is owned, leased, or otherwise held under the control of the applicant or licensee where the commercial cannabis activity will be or is conducted. The premises shall be a contiguous area and shall only be occupied by one licensee.
Premises means the area shown on Exhibit A to this Lease. The Premises is located on the 18th floor(s) and known as suite(s) 1850. If the Premises include one or more floors in their entirety, all corridors and restroom facilities located on such full floor(s) shall be considered part of the Premises. The “Rentable Square Footage of the Premises” is deemed to be 2,415 square feet. Landlord and Tenant stipulate and agree that the Rentable Square Footage of the Building and the Rentable Square Footage of the Premises are correct.
Premises means any land or building or part of a building and includes