Baseline Period definition

Baseline Period means the period used to determine the baseline emission rate for each regulated pollutant under OAR 340 division 222.
Baseline Period means the 12-month period immediately preceding October 30, 2016.
Baseline Period means a defined twelve (12) month period preceding a Measurement Period. To ensure all Claims have been received and processed by Anthem, there will be a minimum of three (3) months paid Claims run-out between the end of the Baseline Period and the beginning of the Measurement Period plus generally a three (3) month period to perform calculations. The Baseline Period is the timeframe which is used to set the Medical Cost Baseline (as defined below) and Medical Cost Targets.

Examples of Baseline Period in a sentence

  • Adjustments to the historical consumption patterns may be made by the Utility to eliminate data anomalies in the Baseline Period that are not expected to reoccur, or to accommodate unique production patterns as demonstrated in the historical data from the 24 months preceding the date of an Approved Application (e.g. if production is commonly reduced during a specific day of the week for maintenance shutdown).

  • When reporting changes in the dollar amount of deposit accounts, only calculate the net change in the total dollar amount of eligible Deposit Liabilities between the Baseline Period and the Assessment Period.

  • If the net change between the Baseline Period and Assessment Period is a negative dollar amount, then a negative dollar amount may be recorded for Deposit Liabilities only.

  • Historical electric consumption patterns and demand levels experienced during the Baseline Period make up Monthly Baseline Demand Levels and Monthly Baseline Energy Levels that are to be used for billing for the duration of the applicable term of the NLMP Tariff.

  • Baseline Period – The time-period for which the first measurement will be computed.

More Definitions of Baseline Period

Baseline Period means the period used to determine the baseline emission rate for each regulated pollutant under LRAPA title 42.
Baseline Period means an annual or semi-annual period specified in the applicable NOFA in which an Applicant has previously carried out Qualified Activities;
Baseline Period means the period starting on the date of last signature of the Supply Agreement (or an amendment that incorporates the terms of the Supply Agreement) and ending on the immediately following February 14.
Baseline Period means calendar years 2013, 2014, and 2015.
Baseline Period means a time period of not less than five years immediately preceding the export of any groundwater by SNWA from Snake Valley. The Baseline Period will begin when SNWA provides notice to Utah.
Baseline Period is the period of time (specified in Part D) coordinated with the Baseline Usage, including for the purpose of utility bill analysis, to allow the comparison of a Guarantee Year against a Baseline. The Baseline Period may not always be one contiguous element of time and may be different from a 365-day annual period. Baseline information from non-contiguous elements of time may be normalized and assigned to a specified Baseline Period.
Baseline Period means (a) with respect to the Group A Customers, [***](the “Initial Baseline Months”), (b) with respect to the Group B Customers, the period consisting of (i) [***] full calendar months immediately following the Effective Date and (ii) [***] months of the Initial Baseline Months with the highest Customer Demand for such Customer, and (c) with respect to any other Customer, such other [***]period as determined by the Commercialization Committee pursuant to Section 7.1.2.