Baseline definition

Baseline means the “Initial Small Business Lending Baseline” set forth on the Initial Supplemental Report (as defined in the Definitive Agreement), subject to adjustment pursuant to Section 3(a).
Baseline means the version of a Solution updated to the particular time in question through CentralSquare ’s warranty services and maintenance, but without any other modification whatsoever.
Baseline means the emissions level of a diesel engine using CARB diesel fuel as configured upon initial marine installation.

Examples of Baseline in a sentence

  • In accordance with the time frames listed below, the Contractor shall submit six copies of the Baseline CPM Schedule documents depicting the Contractor’s work plan for the entire Contract.

  • Multiple shifts per day and anticipated production rates shall be detailed in the Contractor’s narrative accompanying the Baseline CPM Schedule.

  • When five percent of the Work is completed and the Baseline Progress Schedule is approved by the Engineer, 25 percent of the lump sum bid for mobilization or 2.5 percent of the Total Contract Price, whichever is less, will be paid.

  • The international exchange of satellite data obtained by the CGMS Baseline system is a vital element of the WMO Integrated Global Observing System, which underpins the operational weather, climate, hydrological and other environmental services of all 193 WMO Members.

  • The process for updating the CGMS Baseline is illustrated in Figure 1 below.Following approval of the CGMS Baseline, WMO will include the revised CGMS Baseline in the new Manual on WIGOS.1.5 Additional response to the WIGOS VisionThe Baseline constitutes the most comprehensive CGMS response to the WIGOS Vision possible under the current programmatic constraints and specific national priorities.

More Definitions of Baseline

Baseline means the test of a vehicle or engine without the diesel emission control strategy implemented.
Baseline means that WIOA Youth data collected through PY19 will be used in subsequent years to produce an updated Statistical Adjustment Model that generates an estimated value.
Baseline means the initial RPS procurement of a POU that will form the basis of that POU’s annual procurement targets.
Baseline means a fully flight test validated production aircraft simulation. It may represent a new aircraft type or a major derivative.
Baseline means, for the purposes of determining Peak Demand Savings and Energy Savings for equipment replacement projects implemented under the SOP, the energy consumed by equipment with efficiency levels that meet the applicable current federal standards and reflects current market conditions. Baseline is defined as a relevant condition that would have existed in the absence of the energy efficiency project or program being implemented, including energy consumption that would have occurred. Baselines are used to calculate program-related Peak Demand Savings and Energy Savings. Baselines can be defined as either project- specific baselines or performance Baselines for residential measures are defined in the Technical Reference Manual (the “TRM”).
Baseline means the mean lower low water line along the California coast, as shown on the following National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Nautical Charts as authored by the NOAA Office of Coast Survey, which are incorporated herein by reference:
Baseline means the preagreement utilities, operations, and maintenance costs.