System Upgrades definition

System Upgrades means additions or modifications to the interconnecting Public Utility’s TDS or to an Affected System that are required to accommodate the proposed interconnection. System upgrades do not include Interconnection Facilities.

Examples of System Upgrades in a sentence

  • Under the proposal, generators would remain responsible for the costs of System Upgrades, but if a transmission owner elects to fund a System Upgrade, it will be able recover from the interconnection customer both those costs and an approximate rate of return.

  • At no cost or liability to Buyer, Seller shall fulfill all contractual, metering and applicable interconnection requirements, including Electric System Upgrades and those requirements set forth in the Utility Distribution Company’s applicable tariffs, the Participating Transmission Owner’s applicable tariffs, the CAISO Tariff and implementing CAISO standards and requirements if applicable, so as to be able to deliver Distribution Services to Buyer.

  • COMMUNITY WORKS FUNDED PROJECT: SANCA WATER SYSTEM UPGRADES Moved By: Director Jackman and seconded, And Resolved: 144/18 That the Community Works Fund application for the Sanca Water System Upgrades project in the amount of $40,000 approved June 20, 2013 Resolution 374/13 be amended to the amount $31,071 which represents total project costs and the $8,929 unused funds be re‐allocated back to Electoral Area A.

  • Discussion and presentation on recommended campus Security System Upgrades in the estimated amount of $ 200,000.

  • The proposed amendment would give transmission owners the option to elect to fund the costs of System Upgrades caused by generator interconnections and earn a reasonable return for those assets used to provide jurisdictional service.

More Definitions of System Upgrades

System Upgrades means the additions or modifications to the Grid System needed to integrate the Facility into the Grid System, as set out in the Facility Study and the System Impact Study.
System Upgrades means any improvement in the Software that enhances or modifies the basic function of the Software or any new software that Emageon markets as a replacement of or upgrade to the Software.
System Upgrades. B&N shall provide BNED the supporting hardware and networking equipment for upgrading the product procurement systems and merchandising systems at the same time that B&N upgrades such systems used in B&N Retail Stores generally. BNED shall upgrade such product procurement systems and merchandising systems as required by B&N so long as it has access to such systems. Perpetual unless a Termination Event shall have occurred, in which case the end date shall be the Termination Date. BNED shall bear its proportionate (based on the number of stores) cost of the supporting hardware and networking equipment provided by B&N in connection with the system upgrade. SCHEDULE 9.01(b) Schedule 9.01(b) Distribution Facilities
System Upgrades means the required additions and modifications to the EDC’s T&D System at or beyond the Point of Interconnection or to Affected Systems. System Upgrades do not include Interconnection Facilities.
System Upgrades means additions, modifications and upgrades to the Distribution System, Transmission System or any portion of Buyer's generation system that are determined by Buyer to be required in order to facilitate the interconnection and to allow such Distribution System, Transmission System or any portion of Buyer's generation system to support the integration of the Energy produced by the Seller's Plant in accordance with this EPA and the System Interconnection Guidelines, which are identified in the System Interconnection Study Report (and as further refined in subsequent interconnection studies, if required by Buyer) and approved by Buyer, but excluding any New Interconnection Facilities.