Bug Fixes definition

Bug Fixes means a temporary work-around, patch, or bypass to update the program code to correct errors or defects.
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Bug Fixes means any patch or other changes or modifications created for the primary purpose of remedying a defect in the Software.
Bug Fixes means solutions or workarounds to particular problems with the programs as reported to Nuance via the hotline service (email, fax or telephone).

Examples of Bug Fixes in a sentence

Any New Feature Purchases, Purchased Feature Enhancement and Bug Fixes provided shall be governed by all of the terms and provisions of this agreement.Upon notification, the PROPERTY shall have six (6) months from receipt of such notice to authorize AVAIL to deliver the product, provided they are current in their payment for support fees.

These Updates and Bug Fixes may be transmitted electronically to Customer for subsequent installation by Customer technicians.

IEEE Fifth International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation R2Fix: Automatically Generating Bug Fixes from Bug Reports Chen Liu, Jinqiu Yang and Lin TanUniversity of Waterloo, ON, Canada{c92liu, j223yang, lintan}@uwaterloo.ca Munawar HafizAuburn University, AL, USA munawar@auburn.edu Abstract— Many bugs, even those that are known and documented in bug reports, remain in mature software for a long time due to the lack of the development resources to fix them.

All such Updates and Bug Fixes, when made by Accuray or according to Accuray instructions or the product notice, shall be considered to be done by and under the direction of Accuray.

Bug Fixes • #386: reject discontiguous alignments [BROKEN: 839a6fc36c7d] Other Changes • Minor typo corrections on quick_start.rst [BROKEN: 49bb4ac246f1] (PR #53 from kmcallenberg) 0.4.11 (2016-09-15) Changes since 0.4.10 (2016-09-13).

More Definitions of Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes means correction of errors in either the Shared Part or Platform Dependent Part of the Technology.
Bug Fixes means a fix of an error in any SOFTWARE PRODUCT and / or the SYSTEM DOCUMENTATION. BUG FIXES shall apply to all deliverables from RADVISION such as SOURCE CODE and/or OBJECT CODE and SYSTEM DOCUMENTATION.
Bug Fixes means all error corrections or other modifications of a Program which are necessary to make the Program conform to the Specifications set forth in a SOW.
Bug Fixes means all modifications and error corrections created by or for Licensor to released version(s) of the Program with the intent of fixing the Program to function as described in Exhibit A1 and Exhibit A2.
Bug Fixes means an error correction, patch or workaround for the Software, which either comprises new Software or is a network-bootable Software image as determined by Cisco and that is provided to Integrator by Cisco.
Bug Fixes means material design related changes developed or implemented in the “EZchip Deliverables,” the “Marvell Deliverables” or in a “Licensed Product” made or undertaken by either party during the “Term,” as defined herein, of this Agreement in order to fix the design to meet the requirements of the applicable Licensed Product’s Specification.
Bug Fixes means LICENSEE-created code that repairs a BROAD or WHITEHEAD or MIT identified function of the PROGRAM.