Upgrade definition

Upgrade means an enhancement to a Component System as it exists on its applicable License Effective Date, new features and new functionalities added to the Component System as it exists on its applicable License Effective Date, and all revisions, modifications, refinements, releases, enhancements and improvements to a Component System as it exists on its applicable License Effective Date which change the operation of Component System rather than just bring it into compliance with the applicable Documentation.

Examples of Upgrade in a sentence

  • NPPD’s Formula Rate Template to be used for calculating the Zonal ATRR and NITS rates, Schedule 1 rates, Point-to-Point rates, ATRR Base Plan Upgrade and other network upgrades set forth in Attachment H – Addendum 7.

  • H tab, postedRRR File5Base Plan Region-wide ATRR to pay Upgrade SponsorsSee Att.

  • Energy Upgrade California (for comprehensive single family retrofit projects) 6.

  • Shared Network Upgrade (SNU) Analysis tests for Network Upgrades driven by higher queued interconnection projects was performed for this System Impact Study.

  • The User always has the option to Upgrade their Trade Contract to a higher Trade contract, prior to reaching the maximum limit.

More Definitions of Upgrade

Upgrade means any version of the Licensed Software that has been released to the public and which replaces the prior version of the Licensed Software on Symantec’s price list pursuant to Symantec’s then-current upgrade policies.
Upgrade means a major version upgrade of any Platform software.
Upgrade means an improvement to an existing product through added functionality and/or enhanced performance. Upgrades are identified by a change in the number to the left or right of the decimal point in the product version number (e.g., an upgrade from FileMaker Pro 7.0 to 8.0, or an upgrade from version 5.0 to 5.5).
Upgrade means additional hardware or software enhancements, extensions, features, options, or devices to support, enhance, or extend the life or increase the usefulness of previously procured information technology devices.
Upgrade means the reassignment of an employee to an occupation of a higher classification.