Installation definition

Installation means a stationary technical unit where one or more activities listed in Annex I are carried out and any other directly associated activities which have a technical connection with the activities carried out on that site and which could have an effect on emissions and pollution;
Installation means that the System or a Subsystem as specified in the Contract is ready for Commissioning as provided in GCC Clause 26 (Installation).
Installation means any building or structure or any group of buildings or structures at a single demolition or renovation site that are under the control of the same owner or operator (or owner or operator under common control).

Examples of Installation in a sentence

  • Installation & Commissioning, Supervision and Demonstration of the goods.

  • Seller should have well established Installation, Commissioning, Training, Troubleshooting and Maintenance Service group in INDIA for attending the after sales service.

  • Installation, Commissioning, Testing, Configuration, Training (if any - which ever is applicable as per scope of supply) is to be carried out by OEM / OEM Certified resource or OEM authorised Reseller.

  • Related Products Installation: Refer to other sections listed in Related Sections paragraph herein for related products installation.

  • If the amount of the Security Instrument is insufficient to reimburse all the costs of removal the City incurs, the City may draw the full amount of the Security Instrument and may pursue any and all other remedies for default available under this Wireless Installation Agreement, at law, or in equity.

More Definitions of Installation

Installation means that the laying down and installation of the Solution in accordance with this Contract.
Installation means delivered, fully assembled, and set in place, ready for use, as well as removal of debris.
Installation means the installation of the Goods in the designated location and into the operating environment specified by the Authority at the site and “Install” shall be interpreted accordingly.
Installation means a discrete process with identifiable emissions which may be part of a larger industrial plant. Pollution equipment shall not be considered a separate installation or installations.
Installation means a technical unit within an establishment and whether at or below ground level, in which dangerous substances are produced, used, handled or stored; it includes all the equipment, structures, pipework, machinery, tools, private railway sidings, docks, unloading quays serving the installation, jetties, warehouses or similar structures, floating or otherwise, necessary for the operation of that installation.