Electric System Sample Clauses

Electric System. The electric system includes slip adjustable single speed asynchronous generator, inside variable resistor connects rotor coil. Slip range 1-5%, generator adopt liquid cooling method. Power can be transmitted to the tower bottom through flexible cable enwinding to two directions. Turbine tower Column cone shaped turbine tower is welded with steel sheets. Maintenance personnel enter from the door on the ground. Vertical ladder is set in the tower, which is equipped with drop safe guardrail. Clean the surface of turbine tower by sand-sweeping and paint for corrosion protection, and color should be the same with blade. According to the different situation on the spot, equip turbine tower with different height, so as to adapt to the situation on the island, bank and sea. Control system Control system is based on a microprocessor. Control system controls the operation of entire wind generator, as well as the wind generator stillness or idling in breeze, connect with generator under normal rotating speed, adjust orientation and wind direction of wind generator, and unmooring(by rotating the nacelle)if necessary, control all functions, turn off the blower fan in case of emergency or wind power too strong. Connect the blower fan control system through telephone line by using a set of PC with modem. If the brake moment of generator disappears, if electric component failure or electric grid fluctuation, the blower fan will accelerate to high rotating speed. The control system can safely handle these situation and brake through complicated steps. The control system will send out common stop instruction if any parameter failure, such as electric grid voltage(electric grid failure), rotating speed, power, temperature, vibration and etc. Emergency stop will be implemented in case of control system failure through “Watch-dog” function. Control system machinery brake can be realized through cutting off the power of hydraulic pressure solenoid valve by releasing blade top hydraulic cylinder pressure. Blade tip acts through centrifugal force, while brake sheet acts through mechanical spring. When electric grid fails, brake will start due to power off. Any action of machinery brake or blade tip spoiler will make the wind generator to reduce to safe low rotating speed. The final safety measure is that there is a safety valve in the hydraulic pressure component of wheel hub, it will release oil in the oil cylinder to control blade tip if hydraulic pressure is too high, at this...
Electric System. All facilities and equipment owned by the District and used to provide electric service within Snohomish County and Camano Island, Washington, including all facilities associated with the District’s Xxxxxxx Hydroelectric Project.
Electric System. A. The Landlord will provide all necessary site improvements including duct banks, manholes, and transformer pads (for Massachusetts Electric Company owned transformers) in accordance with the requirements of Massachusetts Electric Company for an electrical service for the Landlord's work (i.e., not the Ground Floor areas that are Tenant's responsibility).
Electric System. All properties and other assets, now or hereafter existing, which are leased to, licensed to, owned by, or controlled by a single person or entity, that are located within or interconnected to that person or entity’s service area, and are used for or directly associated with the generation, transmission, transformation, distribution, purchase or sale of electric power, including all additions, extensions, expansions, and improvements thereto. To the extent a person or entity is not the sole owner of an asset or property, only that person’s or that entity’s ownership interest in such asset or property shall be considered to be part of its Electric System.
Electric System a) Check batteries and add battery water when necessary.
Electric System a. Check batteries and add battery water when necessary.