Electric System Sample Clauses

Electric System. A. The Landlord will provide all necessary site improvements including duct banks, manholes, and transformer pads (for Massachusetts Electric Company owned transformers) in accordance with the requirements of Massachusetts Electric Company for an electrical service for the Landlord's work (i.e., not the Ground Floor areas that are Tenant's responsibility).
Electric System. The building's electrical system consists of a single Point of Delivery (POD) by the electricity supplier, which therefore has a single meter. The type of supply has a nominal voltage of 400 V and the power used is 50 kW. In fact, this meter serves all 10 apartments, common services and the central heating system. Restaurant has its own electrical connections, with a three-phase line dedicated: here there is the electrical panel feeding all the services of the rooms on the ground floor and the kitchen, this one with its own dedicated electrical panel, derived from the first. There is a centralized electrical panel downstream of the dwellings’ energy distributor meter, which contains the switches with the line outlets to the different users of the building, including dedicated circuit breaker protection switch for each dwelling. Inside the boiler room there is also a switchboard for the electric power supply, with three-phase arrival, of all the equipment for the operation of the heating and domestic hot water production systems present there. Each apartment then has its own dedicated electrical panel, located in the hallway, with disconnectors, contactors, and protection switches. In dwellings, there are dedicated electrical lines for the power of each fan coil, of the kitchen equipment, sockets, and lighting and for the extraction fan inside the blind bathrooms. Every electrical panel present in the building (dwellings, restaurant, kitchen, boiler room) is also equipped with a controller of the BMS system. This system, described in detail in chapter 2.2.2, was originally installed in 2008, with a BMS control system from Trend, a UK company dealing in automation and control field. Today, after a quick revamping work, Swiss Control System (SCS) controllers are present, integrating sensors and acting on devices: the operation of gas boiler and pumps in the boiler room, as well as the start and stop of fan coils and the extraction fans from bathroom for dwellings and restaurant is completely automated by BMS. SCS controllers also interface the electric meters present: to know and share electrical consumption of different dwellings and restaurant electric meters were installed in all dwellings and restaurant electrical panels; by connecting them with BMS system it is possible to visualize these parameters remotely. To make the BMS system remotely reachable and to assure more services to tenants, a data network was installed already during 2008 works on this bu...
Electric System. The electrical system in the building will be reused, with appropriate modifications and extensions, to power the new devices that will be installed as part of the HAPPENING project. The current system is in fact compliant with current regulations, with all the required protection devices, moreover the power used on the distributor meter is already 50 kW, due to the power request that was made to allow the refrigeration unit to function, then never used, so it is not necessary to require an increase in power for the integration of the photovoltaic system and / or for the power supply of the central heat pumps. Existing switchboards and switches can also be used inside the apartments; the electrical parameters of the micro heat pumps will have to be checked, in order to assess whether the size of the electrical cables supplying the fan coils today are of adequate section, or if they will need to be replaced, obviously using the same passages.
Electric System. The network of electric generation, transmission, or distribution facilities owned or operated by GPC or other electric utilities in Georgia or a surrounding state, specifically including: (i) the ITS; and (ii) Interconnection Facilities, and, if applicable, Refundable Network Upgrades and Affected System-Interconnection Entity Upgrades.
Electric System. All facilities and equipment owned by the District and used to provide electric service within Snohomish County and Camano Island, Washington, including all facilities associated with the District’s Xxxxxxx Hydroelectric Project.
Electric System. Utility’s underground and/or above-ground communication facilities and electric line systems for the distribution and transmission of electricity.
Electric System a) Check batteries (fluid level, condition, and operation)
Electric System. A. The Landlord will provide power supply from Massachusetts Electric Company, including distribution panels, transformers, wiring, devices, and an emergency power system, including an emergency generator and fuel supply equipment, as required by applicable building codes for life safety purposes. Landlord to provide any required supply power conduit, boxes and pull strings to make system operable.
Electric System. All properties and other assets, now or hereafter existing, which are leased to, licensed to, owned by, or controlled by a single person or entity, that are located within or interconnected to that person or entity’s service area, and are used for or directly associated with the generation, transmission, transformation, distribution, purchase or sale of electric power, including all additions, extensions, expansions, and improvements thereto. To the extent a person or entity is not the sole owner of an asset or property, only that person’s or that entity’s ownership interest in such asset or property shall be considered to be part of its Electric System.