Public utility definition

Public utility means any business entity that owns or operates any plant, equipment, property, franchise, or license for the production, transmission, sale, delivery, or furnishing of elec- tricity, water, or steam the rates of charges for goods or services of which have been established or approved by a federal, state, or local government or governmental agency.
Public utility means a person, firm, or corporation engaged in the manufacture, production, generation, or distribution of electricity, steam heat, gas, or any combination thereof, for sale to the public.
Public utility has the meaning given to it in the United States Federal Power Act of 1920.

Examples of Public utility in a sentence

  • Public utility real property is assessed at 35 percent of true value; public utility tangible personal property is currently assessed at varying percentages of true value.

  • Public utility property taxes are payable on the same dates as real property taxes described previously.

  • Public utility real and tangible personal property taxes collected in one calendar year are levied in the preceding calendar year on assessed values determined as of December 31 of the second year preceding the tax collection year, the lien date.

  • Public utility property taxes attached as a lien on December 31 of the prior year, were levied April 1 and are collected with real property taxes.

  • Public utility real property is assessed at 35 percent of true value; public utility tangible personal property currently is assessed at varying percentages of true value.

More Definitions of Public utility

Public utility means a person, or the person's lessee, trustee, receiver or liquidator, who owns or operates in British Columbia, equipment or facilities for
Public utility means any electric utility regulated by the commission pursuant to Title 69, chapter 3, on January 1, 2005, including the public utility's successors or assignees.
Public utility means all persons, firms, corporations, copartnerships, or municipal or other public authority providing gas, electricity, water, steam, telephone, sewer, or other services of a similar nature.
Public utility means a public service corporation performing some public service subject to special governmental regulations, or a governmental agency performing similar public services, either of which are paid for directly by the recipients thereof. Such services shall include, but are not limited to, water supply, electric power, gas, and transportation for persons and freight.
Public utility for purposes of this chapter, means the operating property of a
Public utility means a public utility as defined in § 56-265.1.
Public utility means a system or works used to provide one or more of the following for public consumption, benefit, convenience or use: