Statement of Understanding definition

Statement of Understanding means a document provided by the Auditor and signed by the Chief Petitioner of a prospective petition indicating receipt of all forms and requirements necessary to file a perfected petition.
Statement of Understanding means a signed document completed by an applicant or foster parent confirming the person has read, understands, and agrees to comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations relating to the operation of a foster home.
Statement of Understanding means a document signed by the Director and all parties involved in a project approved for program assistance, specifying the scope of the work to be performed, the roles and contributions of each of the parties, and the final dollar amount of the grant.

Examples of Statement of Understanding in a sentence

  • All Short-listed firms will be required to sign a Statement of Understanding.

  • The HING, HRO AGR Branch will maintain the completed and signed Statement of Understanding.

  • Individuals selected for AGR tours that cannot attain 20 years of active federal service prior to reaching mandatory separation, must complete a Statement of Understanding.

  • All Shortlisted firms will be required to sign a Statement of Understanding.

  • It is coupled with the Statement of Understanding (which will be referred to as the SOU) that explains this annuity in detail.

More Definitions of Statement of Understanding

Statement of Understanding means the document setting out implementation arrangements to be signed between the Government of Timor-Leste and the donors who will be participating in the financing of the Ministry’s of Planning and Finance program to strengthening planning and financial management.
Statement of Understanding means an agreement of course expectations, policies and procedures of the Cooperative Education program, expectations regarding student conduct and accountability and consequences of not meeting these expectations; attached as Schedule 2 to this Agreement.
Statement of Understanding means the Statement of Understanding adopted
Statement of Understanding means the California Military Department’s annually updated internal form that an active member applying to the CMD GI Bill must complete to confirm they acknowledge, understand, and agree to program terms and requirements.
Statement of Understanding means a document:
Statement of Understanding. The Parties agree that the success of this engagement is dependent upon each other providing accurate and factual information to each other timely. The responsibilities and tasks outlined in this exhibit require cooperative effort and are not exclusive to one Party. The Parties agree that time is of essence and agree to use their best efforts to meet deadlines and dates. The Parties recognize the possibility of differences in interpretation and meaning between the questions included in the QCSI'S questionnaire and CLIENT'S responses thereto as incorporated herein and included in this Exhibit A, if applicable. The Parties therefore agree that in the event of a difference of opinion as to the nature or extent of any function to be performed by any of the QCSI's Applications or QCSI's reasonable interpretation and meaning of a question and/or response in the questionnaire, then the QCSI's interpretation shall prevail. SCOPE OF WORK TO BE PERFORMED BY QCSI: The Scope of Work to be performed by under this Agreement is outlined in the following document titled "DataCenter IMPACT" DATACENTER IMPACT Implementation Model for Planned Application Configuration and Transition INTRODUCTION TO DATACENTER IMPACT DataCenter IMPACT is QCSI's Implementation Model for Planned Application Configuration and Transition for DataCenter clients. It was developed to ensure successful implementations of QMACS(TM) for small healthcare organizations. It marries proven techniques for enterprise-wide deployment of technology with tested methodologies appropriate to the unique characteristics of the healthcare industry. The purpose of DataCenter IMPACT is to orchestrate a smooth transition to the QMACS system and business processes. An ideal DataCenter IMPACT project will be evolutionary from the perspective of the end user, while being revolutionary from the perspective of gained business intelligence and control. However, because of the interdepartmental dependencies inherent in healthcare management and administration, most operational departments in your organization will be effected by QMACS(TM). Managing the changes that effect people and processes for a positive result is the primary objective of DataCenter IMPACT. QMACS(TM) was selected by your organization because of its unsurpassed functionality and state-of-the-art technology. Once implemented, QMACS(TM) positions you for rapid growth, unparalleled access to business intelligence and protection from technology obsolescence tha...
Statement of Understanding means the statement that persons, partnerships, corporations, associations or other entities that have an active role in major harvest activities or a management role that may impact the harvest shall sign verifying that they are aware that they must comply with the act, 19.20.4 NMAC and the harvest permit. A supervisor of a business entity conducting harvest activities may sign a statement of understanding accepting responsibility for the entity’s employees performing major harvest activities.