Foster parent definition

Foster parent means an individual who operates a home that has been approved by the Department to provide care for an unrelated child or young adult placed in the home by the Department.
Foster parent means any individual maintaining a foster family home, who is responsible for the care, supervision, guidance and rearing of and other foster care services provided to a foster child;
Foster parent means a parent registered under this Act to receive and retain a child for the purpose of caring for and maintaining the child apart from the child’s parents, guardian or relative;

Examples of Foster parent in a sentence

  • Foster parent homes must be located close enough to the agency to allow for their involvement in all aspects of the program including pre-service and in-service training, formal and informal support networks, home visits by the case support worker both planned and in emergencies, and participation in all activities related to the development and implementation of the child and family plan.

More Definitions of Foster parent

Foster parent means a person who has foster care of a child;
Foster parent means an adult relative or non-relative with whom a dependent child is placed;
Foster parent means a person or persons with whom a foster child is for the time being proposed to be placed for fostering.
Foster parent means a person not being the biological mother, father or relative of the child who assumes parental responsibility of the child by way of a care order;
Foster parent means a person who has foster care of a child by order of the children's court, and includes an active member of an organisation operating a cluster foster care scheme and who has been assigned responsibility for the foster care of a child;[definition of "foster parent" inserted by section 3(h) of Act 41 of 2007]
Foster parent means any adult person licensed by the department of human services or another authorized agency to provide foster care services for a child or children under Chapter 587A, HRS.