Implementation Arrangements Sample Clauses

Implementation Arrangements. 1. The Borrower and the Project Executing Agency shall ensure that the Project is implemented in accordance with the detailed arrangements set forth in the XXX. Any subsequent change to the XXX shall become effective only after approval of such change by the Borrower and ADB. In the event of any discrepancy between the XXX and this Loan Agreement, the provisions of this Loan Agreement shall prevail.
Implementation Arrangements. A. Project Management
Implementation Arrangements. 1. The Borrower shall: (i) prepare and furnish to the Association a Project Implementation Manual, in form and substance satisfactory to the Association, the said manual being subject from time to time to modification by agreement between the Borrower and the Association; (ii) carry out the Project in accordance with the PIM; and (iii) except as the Association shall otherwise agree, not amend, abrogate or waive any provision of the PIM which, in the opinion of the Association, may materially and adversely affect the implementation of the Project or the achievement of the objectives thereof.
Implementation Arrangements. Institutional Arrangements The Recipient shall vest the overall responsibility for the implementation of the Project in MEW, and, to that end, shall: maintain, throughout the period of implementation of the Project, the Project Coordination Unit with regional offices in the six (6) Project Regions, assisted by a technical assistance team providing day-to-day support for overall Project implementation, including procurement and financial management. PCU shall amongst others, consist of a Director, Deputy Director – Technical, Contract Management Supervisor, Procurement Officer, Quality Control Engineer, Financial Management Officer and Social & Environment Specialist with experience and qualifications satisfactory to the Association; maintain, throughout the period of implementation of the Project, the Project Steering Committee to be responsible for inter alia: (i) high level coordination and supervision of the Project; (ii) provision of overall guidance for water resources management under the Project; (iii) review of monitoring and evaluation reports prepared under the Project; and (iv) recommendation of necessary remedial measures to resolve problems indicated in the said reports. PSC shall consist of the Minister of Energy and Water who shall serve as the Chairman, the PCU Director who shall serve as the Secretary, and with members from Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock and Ministry of Finance. The PSC shall meet at least once every six (6) months; maintain, throughout the period of implementation of the Project, a Monitoring and Evaluation Unit responsible for inter alia: (i) analyzing monitoring and evaluation information and generating regular reports to the PSC, PCU and the Association; (ii) assessing and reporting progress towards achieving the Project’s objectives; and (iii) providing yearly assessments to the PCU containing the impacts and achievements of the preceding growing season, recommendations, and updated project indicators. M&E Unit shall consist, among others, of a Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, Database Management Specialist and Field Enumerators with experience and qualifications satisfactory to the Association; maintain, throughout the period of implementation of the Project, a Regional Coordination Committee (“RCC”) for each of the Recipient’s river basin regions responsible for Project coordination at the regional level during implementation. RCC shall consist of the Directors of the Provincial Water Managem...
Implementation Arrangements. A. General Institutional and Implementation Arrangements The provisions of Sections I.A, I.C and I.E of Schedule 2 to the Original Financing Agreement (including defined terms therein, unless otherwise defined herein) shall apply to this Agreement, mutatis mutandis.
Implementation Arrangements. 1. The Borrower, as the Project Executing Agency, shall set up a PMU to monitor the screening and selection of Qualified Projects in consultation with the consortium of lenders, and also the day-to-day implementation. The PMU shall also be responsible for ensuring that all Qualified Projects are in compliance with the ESSF and applicable national and state policies, laws and regulations relating to environment, resettlement, and indigenous people. The PMU shall be staffed with existing resources of the Borrower, and supported by consultants to be provided under technical assistance by ADB. The PMU staff shall comprise specialists with expertise in risk management and project advisory work. A senior officer, reporting directly to the chairman and managing director of the Borrower, shall be appointed for ensuring compliance with the ESSF. The PMU shall also have a dedicated financial/accounting officer to monitor Project accounts and process claims.
Implementation Arrangements. The Recipient shall, through MPW: ensure that the Project is implemented in accordance with, a Project Manual and supplemental Disaster Management Manual, acceptable to the Recipient and the World Bank, which shall include the description of: (i) implementation arrangements; (ii) the procurement procedures set forth in Section III of this Schedule 2 and standard procurement documentation; (iii) reporting requirements, financial management procedures and audit procedures as set forth in Section II of this Schedule 2; (iv) the Project performance indicators; (v) the Environmental Guidelines and the environmental criteria applicable to Sub-project design including environmental impact mitigation; (vi) the Isolated and Vulnerable Peoples Framework; (vii) the Land Acquisition and Resettlement Framework; (viii) the Better Governance Action Plan; (ix) maintenance provisions for works to be carried out under a Sub-project; (x) the criteria for the selection of Sub-projects, as well as the terms and conditions governing the Disaster Management Kelurahan Grants and Local Government Participation meeting the requirements set out in Annex 1 to this Schedule; (xi) the Operational Guidelines for Monitoring and Evaluation of PNPM; and (xii) criteria for operation of Revolving Funds; not amend, suspend, abrogate, repeal or waive any provisions of the Project Manual or supplemental Disaster Management Manual without the prior written agreement of the World Bank and the Recipient; ensure that the Project Manual, and supplemental Disaster Management Manual, as applicable, is made available, at all times until completion of the Project, to each Local Government and all Oversight Consultants and Facilitators, and applied in the carrying out of Sub-projects; and with the prior written agreement of the World Bank, update the Project Manual, and supplemental Disaster Management Manual, as necessary. For the purposes of providing Kelurahan Grants under the Project, the Recipient shall only submit an application for withdrawal of the proceeds of the Loan allocated to Category (1) in the Table in Section IV.A of this Schedule to finance Sub-projects prepared and selected in accordance with the criteria set forth in Annex 1 to this Schedule and the Project Manual. In carrying out Part 2 of the Project, the Recipient shall ensure that prior to participating in the Project, a Participating Local Government has: agreed to carry out activities under the Project in accordance with procedu...
Implementation Arrangements. A. Institutional Arrangements.