Hire Agreement definition

Hire Agreement means every agreement between Access and the Hirer for the hire of Equipment (whether signed or not) including a Hire Docket, all of which will be deemed to include:
Hire Agreement means an agreement which—
Hire Agreement means the Hire Agreement regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 which we will enter into with you (instead of the Account Application Form) when you are a Regulated Customer and which sets out details of the Booking; “Insolvency Event” means each and any of the following in relation to a party:

Examples of Hire Agreement in a sentence

  • Accept responsibility for being in charge of and on the Premises at all times during the hiring and for ensuring that all conditions of the Hire Agreement and Conditions of Hire are met.

  • The Hire Agreement constitutes permission to use the Premises on a non-exclusive basis and confers no tenancy or other right of occupation on the Hirer.

  • The Hire Agreement is personal to the Hirer who may not sub-let or share possession of any part of the Premises.

  • No variation or addition to the terms of the Hire Agreement and Conditions of Hire shall be binding upon us unless agreed in writing by the Parish Priest.

  • The use of the Premises shall be confined to the purpose identified in the Hire Agreement.

More Definitions of Hire Agreement

Hire Agreement means the terms set out at the start of this Agreement describing the basis upon which you hire the Vehicle as required under the Consumer Credit Act 1974;
Hire Agreement means the hire agreement entered into between the Company and you for the hire by you of the Firewall (where specified in the Customer Order Form).
Hire Agreement means the contract signed by You for the hire of the vehicle.
Hire Agreement means the agreement between the Owner and Customer for the hire of Plant which includes:
Hire Agreement means the conditions set out in these general conditions in conjunction with any Special Conditions, quotation, Purchase Order, appendix, annexure or other document agreed in writing between both Parties.
Hire Agreement means the Consumer Credit Act regulated contract that the Customer must sign or accept online before being able to use the Equipment Lease Service;
Hire Agreement means an agreement for the bailment or (in Scotland) the hiring of an article which is not a hire-purchase agreement.]