License or permit definition

License or permit means a concealed carry handgun license or permit from another jurisdiction which has not expired and, except for any residency requirement of the issuing jurisdiction, is currently in good standing.
License or permit means any li- cense or permit granted by an agency of the Federal Government to conduct any activity which may result in any discharge into the navigable waters of the United States.
License or permit means an intoxicating liquor license or permit issued under ch. 125, Stats.

Examples of License or permit in a sentence

  • License or permit decisions appealed to the board under another law.

  • Option 2 was to follow the cost model approach in the FReM which was intended to be a proxy for current value.

  • License or permit records, including applications and supporting documentation, as well as certificates issued by other agencies, such as for State sales tax license, withholding tax registration, State certificate of exemption, etc.

  • License or permit decisions made by the commissioner that the board votes to review within 30 days of the next regularly scheduled board meeting following written notification to the board of the commissioner's decision.

  • An Applicant’s, permittee’s, or Licensee’s failure to notify the Commission promptly of inaccuracies on an application or new information or materials relevant to the Applicant may constitute grounds to deny, suspend or revoke a License or permit.

More Definitions of License or permit

License or permit means any license or permit issued to any person or other entity by a state agency, except for any license or permit issued pursuant to any provisions of the law in Title 37 or Title 3 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes of 1950.
License or permit means a concealed carry handgun license or
License or permit means an authorization or permission granted by the CEO to perform an act or activity at the Airport. The termsLicense” and “Permit” as used herein are synonymous and interchangeable.
License or permit means a license or permit granted by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.
License or permit means a license or permit that
License or permit means a license or permit issued to an alarm business or an alarm system user by the Chief of Police.