Commercial Service definition

Commercial Service means water service provided by the water utility that the customer uses in the promotion of a business or business product that is a source of revenue or income to the customer or others using the premises.
Commercial Service means a service other than a municipal service

Examples of Commercial Service in a sentence

It may also be more economical and efficient to group options from various providers together i.e. combining TO, DNO and Commercial service options, to meet the requirement.

The same information will be provided to the DNOs and Commercial service Providers via the Tender Process.

This includes the technical requirements which a Commercial service must meet to participate in the Tender Process.

The ESO publishes the requirements to inform potential Commercial service Providers as part of a Request for Information (RFI).

Table 6.2 below provides the various element of costs to be included as the capital cost and operational cost in TO options, DNO options and Commercial service options.

More Definitions of Commercial Service

Commercial Service means any service performed that is based on, utilizes or is developed from, or materially incorporates, the Project Results. For clarity, Commercial Service does not include non-commercial research and development performed by RECIPIENT or its Collaborators or licensees.
Commercial Service means establishments which provide non-medical services of a retail character to patrons which may involve the sale of goods associated with the service being provided. These establishments include businesses that provide both personal and business services, but not industrial services. Any assembly, processing or customization of products on the premises must be incidental and integral to the retail sale of the product. All such completed products must be sold on the premises and may not be distributed to another location for future retail sale or wholesale or for storage to be shipped to another location where the product is sold. This restriction shall not preclude the sale of completed products that are delivered or shipped to the retail customer. The total floor area devoted to assembly, processing, customization and packaging of products sold on the premises shall be less than half the area devoted to sales and display of the completed product.
Commercial Service means service to Customers engaged primarily In the sale of goods or services Including lnsUtutlons and local, state and federal government agencies for uses other than those Involving manufacturing or electric power generation.
Commercial Service means a commercial service as defined in section 1 of the MATR;
Commercial Service means collection of all types of solid wastes generated by stores, offices, and other commercial sources.