Residential service definition

Residential service means water service provided for domestic or irrigation purposes in a residential area and is not considered a commercial service.
Residential service means a service that is for domestic or household purposes, including single family or individually metered multi-family units and seasonal occupancy.
Residential service means providing 24-hour support in conjunction with care and treatment or a training program in a setting other than a hospital or training center. Residential services provide a range of living arrangements from highly structured and intensively supervised to relatively independent requiring a modest amount of staff support and monitoring. Residential services include residential treatment, group or community homes, supervised living, residential crisis stabilization, community gero-psychiatric residential, community intermediate care facility-MR, sponsored residential homes, medical and social detoxification, neurobehavioral services, and substance abuse residential treatment for women and children.

Examples of Residential service in a sentence

  • HOW THIS CONTRACT MAY BE CANCELLED OR NONRENEWED is amended as follows: This Residential Service Contract may be cancelled by the Contract Holder if the home is sold or destroyed.

  • The following is added to the beginning of the Residential Service Contract: This is a Residential Service Contract, not an insurance policy.

  • This Residential Service Contract provides coverage only for Systems on Your Covered Property that are specifically listed under Coverage and on Your Registration Page (which is attached and made a part of this Residential Service Contract) and excludes all other breakdowns and/or items.

  • In any event, it is agreed that such bulletin board facilities will not be erected in those sections of the Board Operated Residential Service normally frequented by residents.

  • This contract is issued by a Residential Service Company licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

More Definitions of Residential service

Residential service means water service to a residential connection that includes single-family residences, multifamily residences, mobilehomes, including, but not limited to, mobilehomes in mobilehome parks, or farmworker housing.
Residential service means where the Service is not provided to Managed Rented Accommodation, an HMO or to Student Accommodation;
Residential service means basic service to a house- hold.
Residential service means the provision of water to a residence for domestic use.
Residential service means in-house use plus lawn & garden sprinkling to a maximum area of 1/10 of an acre;
Residential service means sewer usage solely for residential purposes.
Residential service means permanent electric service furnished to a dwelling unit that is separately metered for domestic use. It includes any second service determined to be domestic use and billed on the same residential account. It excludes services which use electricity for both domestic and commercial purposes if the major portion of the service (defined by square footage of usable space) is used on an ongoing and regular basis for the conduct of business.