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Online Service means our on-line system for managing the electronic transmission of information between us and Providers;
Online Service means a Microsoft-hosted service to which Customer subscribes under a Microsoft volume licensing agreement, including any service identified in the Online Services section of the Product Terms. It does not include software and services provided under separate license terms (such as via gallery, marketplace, console, or dialog). The Product Terms is located at
Online Service means the Microsoft-hosted services identified in the Online Services section of the Product Terms, and for which certain applicable terms are included in the Online Services Terms.

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  • The exclusion of cookies leads to functional restrictions of this Online Service.

  • The Online Service also offers som e features to enable the customer administrator to remove or anonymize user records.

  • For Regulators 87For Providers of Age Assurance Technology 88For Third-Party Age Verifiers 89For Digital Identity Wallet Providers 89For Online Service Providers 90For Research 91For Society 92BIBLIOGRAPHY 93ACKNOWLEDGMENTS‌‌ This report has been commissioned by the Greens/EFA Group at the European parliament.

  • In the following, we will also summarise the data subjects as users.Purpose of Processing Provision of the Online Service, its contents and functions.Providing and operating QR Planet GmbH (Software as a Service) and related services (computing capacities, databases, software, maintenance and development).Security measures.Response to contact requests and communication with users.

  • Adele was indeed eager to get back to work.During this time of flux Fiona Wratislav (Online Service Coordinator) proved to be a wonderful resource for all the 'acting' staff members- she was a "rock"!! A huge thank you goes to Fiona for a job well done.Choir Director Anne Bennett is gracious and enthusiastic in leading the choir's musical contributions to the life of St. Stephen's.

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Online Service means any internet-based tools, applications, software programs, systems and/or services (including the Online Statement Service) which we may make available to You or your representatives to incur and/or review Charges, to connect your systems to the relevant Programme systems (if applicable), add new Cardmembers, Programme Administrators or Authorised Users, and send or receive data relevant to the Programme(s) in which You participate.
Online Service means an information service provided over the
Online Service means any electronic product or electronic service we offer that you apply for, obtain, use, administer, or access using the Internet, a website, email, messaging services, or software applications, whether by or through a personal computer or mobile or hand-held computing device, either now or in the future. The term also includes any non-electronic account or other non- electronic financial product or service we offer that you apply for, obtain, use, administer or access electronically by or through a personal computer or mobile or hand-held computing device, either now or in the future.
Online Service means any of the Microsoft-hosted online services subscribed to by Company under the Agreement, including (but not limited to) Microsoft Dynamics Online Services, Office 365 Services, Microsoft Azure Services, or Microsoft Intune Online Services.
Online Service means Ag Banking Online and Mobile Banking
Online Service means any Microsoft online service subscribed to under this agreement.
Online Service means any Symantec branded solution delivered over the Internet and/or hosted or managed by Symantec and made available via a network, including any “Service Component(s)” which means certain enabling software, hardware peripherals and associated documentation which may be separately provided by Symantec as an incidental part of an Online Service.