Data Service definition

Data Service means a telecommunications service other than a voice service.

Examples of Data Service in a sentence

  • Hosted IP Telephony Service is provided subject to the availability of suitable access facilities for a qualified Company Data Service as stated in 2.E. If all or any portion of the appropriate access facilities do not exist between a serving Central Office and the customer C premise, the Company will notify the customer that additional access charges would be necessary to provision the service.

  • Payments are made on a monthly basis by the end of the following month in which the activity is successfully processed and uploaded to the Data Service by the College.

  • Grid Data Service RegistryThese are (almost entirely) database agnostic.

  • Reference: 2014/1634/REK vestApproval from the Norwegian Social Science Data Service was obtained on 02.03.2015 (reg.

  • We propose to establish a newMedical Data Service (MEDS) under Part 95 that would encompass all medicalmodified information collectionrequirements.

More Definitions of Data Service

Data Service means data transport and Internet access services, including but not limited wireless fidelity (“wifi”) in-home access services.
Data Service means the return of related account information to Company without determination of the validity or verification of the data returned.
Data Service means a service made available by Verizon to Subscribers based upon the Platform, Services, and/or Software described in an applicable Authorization Letter including all exhibits attached thereto, as amended by any Change Request. 3.20 “Deliverables” means all Documentation and other materials, and all Upgrades thereto (i) are delivered to Verizon as described in an Authorization Letter or (ii) that Supplier agrees to provide to Verizon in providing Software or in performing the Services described in an Authorization Letter. For the avoidance of doubt, the Platform shall not be considered a Deliverable. 3.21 ”Development Services” means the design, creation, development, modification or enhancement of computer programs by Supplier pursuant to this Agreement or an Authorization Letter. 3.22 “Documentation” means all documentation containing requirements, technical and functional specifications, relating to the design, testing, training, operation and support of a Platform or Software whether in print or in electronic form, including without limitation, (i) Supplier’s then current specifications relating to 3 Application Service Provider Agreement - Synchronoss and Verizon Proprietary and Confidential
Data Service means a service that involves electronic transfer of non-voice content.
Data Service means a telecommunication service that involves electronic transfer of non-voice content;