Restricted Activity definition

Restricted Activity means directly or indirectly owning any interest in, managing, controlling, participating in, consulting with, rendering services for, or in any manner engaging in any business with any customer, supplier, competitor or other person having a business relation with the Company or any of its subsidiaries; provided however that the term "Restricted Activity" shall not include passive ownership of not more than 2% of the outstanding stock of any class of a corporation which is publicly traded, so long as Executive has no active participation in the business of that corporation.
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Restricted Activity means directly or indirectly owning any interest in, managing, controlling, participating in, consulting with, rendering services for, or in any manner engaging
Restricted Activity means any activity that is, or would reasonably be deemed to be, competitive with (a) any aspect of the Business (i) as operated prior to the date of this Agreement or (ii) as contemplated by any of the Transferor Parties to be operated in the future as of the date of this Agreement, in each case, anywhere in the world where the Business may be conducted from time to time, or (b) any business in which any Acquiring Party and/or any of their respective Affiliates are engaged or likely to engage as of the date hereof or as of the date of termination of the applicable Member’s employment with a Transferor Party or one of its Affiliates.

Examples of Restricted Activity in a sentence

Instead, Equityholder agrees that the restrictions on Equityholder’s activities within those portions of the Restricted Area located within the State of Oklahoma shall be as follows: During the Restricted Period, Equityholder will not directly solicit the sale of goods, services, or a combination of goods and services that constitutes Restricted Activity from the established customers of any of the Retained Companies or their respective Affiliates.

During the Restricted Activity Period, the Participant will not, directly or indirectly, solicit or encourage to cease to work with the Company or any of its Subsidiaries or Affiliates any consultant then under contract with the Company or any of its Subsidiaries or Affiliates.

We may review your withdrawal transaction to mitigate any risks and/or to prevent money laundering and to ascertain whether any Restricted Activity (as set out in section 9) is taking place (“Redemption Risk”).

In the event of a breach by the Employee of the Employee’s obligations under this Agreement, including but not limited to a commission by the Employee of a Restricted Activity as described in Section 6, in addition to being entitled to exercise all rights granted by law, including recovery of damages, the Company will be entitled to specific performance of its rights under this Agreement.

This is a highly competitive business, and by virtue of the Employee’s position and responsibilities with the Employer, and the Employee’s access to Confidential Information, the Employee’s engaging in any business which is directly or indirectly competitive with the Restricted Activity will cause the Employer great and irreparable harm.

More Definitions of Restricted Activity

Restricted Activity means a restricted activity and a portion of a restricted activity, within the meaning of Schedule 7.1 to the Government Organization Act;
Restricted Activity means any participation or involvement, direct or indirect, whether by the Executive himself or with or through any Third Party or in association or affiliation, direct or indirect, with any officer, director, employee, physician, doctor of osteopathy, nurse (practical, registered or otherwise, hereinafter collectively referred to as "nurse") or similar medical professional, now or hereafter affiliated with the Company or having been affiliated with the Company in the twelve (12) months preceding the Date of Termination (collectively "Competitive Associate"), either as an officer, director principal, agent, joint venturor, proprietor, shareholder (other than ownership of less than five (5%) percent of the issued and outstanding stock of a public company so long as the Executive is a passive investor and is not otherwise involved in such company in any way), employee, creditor, independent contractor, subcontractor, administrator, consultant, advisor, lender or investor, or otherwise, in or for any Third Party business or operation which is engaged or to be engaged in operations or business or providing services, in whole or in part, which is or is to be competitive with the operations and/or business of, or with the services provided by, the Company within a twenty-five (25) mile radius of the Company's current and future dialysis facilities and other related or affiliated or associated operations or businesses during the Restricted Period. In addition, Restricted Activity shall include the prohibition of the Executive, directly or indirectly, whether by himself or with, through or on behalf of any other Third Party or Competitive Associate, from (i) diverting business from the Company; (ii) soliciting or enticing or endeavoring to entice away from or causing to curtail or terminate an affiliation or relationship with the Company any Competitive Associate, contractor, reimbursement source, provider, supplier, insuror, agent, or other Third-Party payor of or any Third Party under contract with the Company; (iii) inducing any patient or customer of the Company, either individually or collectively, to patronize any competing dialysis facility; (iv) requesting or advising any patient, customer or supplier of the Company to withdraw, curtail or cancel such person's business with the Company; or (v) entering into any contract the purpose or result of which would primarily and significantly benefit the Executive if any patient of the Company were to withdraw, cur...
Restricted Activity means the Business as carried on at Signing by the Group Entities.
Restricted Activity means any activity for which Executive had responsibility for the Company within the thirty-six (36) months prior to Executive’s termination of employment from the Company or about which Executive had Confidential Information.
Restricted Activity means any activity in which the Executive contributes his knowledge, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, as an employee, employer, owner, operator, manager, advisor, consultant, agent, employee, partner, director, stockholder, officer, volunteer, intern, or any other similar capacity to an entity engaged in the same or similar business as the Company. Restricted Activity also includes activity that may require or inevitably requires disclosure of trade secrets, proprietary information, or Confidential Information.
Restricted Activity means any of the following:
Restricted Activity means: (i) participating in the business of providing financial services in competition with the Group; or (ii) participating in any business, function or activity in competition with the Group which is similar to a business, function or activity which you performed or were engaged in for the Group’s benefit during the 12 months prior to your termination date. For purposes of this definition, “participating” includes holding a 5% or greater equity, voting or profit participation interest in any business enterprise that engages in a Restricted Activity, or associating with such business enterprise as a director, officer, employee, partner, consultant, agent or advisor.