Competitive Business Activity definition

Competitive Business Activity means:
Competitive Business Activity means engaging in, whether independently or as an employee, agent, consultant, advisor, independent contractor, partner, stockholder, officer, director or otherwise, any business which is materially competitive with the business of the Company as conducted or actively planned to be conducted by the Company during his employment by it, provided that Executive shall not be deemed to engage in a Competitive Business Activity solely by reason of (i) owning 1% or less of the outstanding common stock of any corporation if such class of common stock is registered under Section 12 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, or (ii) after the termination of his employment by the Company, being employed by or otherwise providing services to a corporation having total revenue of at least $500 million (or such lower number as may be agreed by the Board) so long as such services are provided solely to a division or other business unit of such corporation which does not engage in a business which is then competitive with the business of the Company.
Competitive Business Activity means the design, engineering, manufacture or sale of heat tracing systems (for example, products involving the application of external heat to pipes, vessels, instruments or other equipment for the purposes of freeze protection, process temperature maintenance, environmental monitoring or surface snow and ice melting, heat tracing equipment, heat tracing tubing bundles, and heat tracing control systems), heat tracing system consultation, heat tracing system installation, and heat tracing system maintenance;

Examples of Competitive Business Activity in a sentence

  • Employee agrees that he will, before accepting any offer of employment as an employee or consultant of any entity which is employed or plans to engage in a Competitive Business Activity, make full disclosure of the existence and contents of this Agreement to such prospective employer.

More Definitions of Competitive Business Activity

Competitive Business Activity means the design and manufacture of lighting systems and controls for industrial, commercial and agricultural facilities.
Competitive Business Activity means providing services to a Competitor that are the same or similar to Executive’s Duties and Responsibilities under this Agreement, whether as an employee, independent contractor or consultant.
Competitive Business Activity means the business of providing consumers with dial-up Internet access services (free or pay). The term "Restricted Territory" shall mean each and every county, city or other political subdivision of the United States in which the Company is engaged in business or providing its services. The Company agrees that providing services to a company or entity that is involved in a Competitive Business Activity but which services are unrelated to the Competitive Business Activity shall not be deemed a violation of this Agreement. For the purposes of damages to the Company with respect to any breach of this Section 5, the value of Employee's obligations to the Company under this Section 5 equals 37.5% of the cash severance payment in Section 4.2(iv) above.
Competitive Business Activity means the development, sale and marketing of a payment process that enables the consumer to structure a pre-payment plan to pay a merchant in full before the merchandise is delivered.
Competitive Business Activity means: (i) engaging in, managing or directing persons engaged in any business related to the Business or any Product; (ii) acquiring or having an ownership interest in any entity which derives revenues from any business related to the Business (except for ownership of one percent (1%) or less of any entity whose securities have been registered under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, or the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended); or (iii) participating in the financing, operation, management or control of any firm, partnership, corporation, entity or business described in clause (ii) of this sentence. For all purposes hereof, the termRestricted Territory” shall mean worldwide.
Competitive Business Activity means the exploration, development and sale of gold or other natural resources from the Company’s properties.
Competitive Business Activity means the usual and customary products and services provided by the Company. In addition, during the term of his employment under this Agreement, and for a period of one (1) year thereafter, Employee shall not, directly or indirectly, hire the employees of the Company to engage in a Competitive Business Activity within the United States nor shall Employee solicit any employees or customers to leave the Company.