licensed activity definition

licensed activity means any activity set out in section 4 of this licence.
licensed activity means an activity authorized by a radioactive material license which is essential to achieving the purpose for which the license was issued or amended.
licensed activity means any activity or activities listed in section 21 of the 2010 Act which is, or are authorised under the licence;

More Definitions of licensed activity

licensed activity means, in relation to a licensee, an activity authorised by the licensee’s licence;
licensed activity means the launch of the Launch Vehicle in accordance with the terms of a Launch License. “Property Damage” means partial or total destruction, impairment, or loss of tangible property, real or personal.
licensed activity. , in relation to a licence, means the activity which the licence authorises to be carried on.”
licensed activity. , in relation to a licence, means an activity which the licence authorises under Schedule 1;
licensed activity means any activity described in Part 2 of this Schedule;
licensed activity means an activity described in any of para­ graphs 26(a) to (f) of the Act that a licence authorizes the licen­ see to carry on. (activité autorisée)
licensed activity means an activity that requires a license on the territory of the Russian Federation under the present Federal Law;