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Related facilities means any ancillary facilities owned by the Company which are —
Related facilities means any manager's units and any and all common area spaces that are included within the physical boundaries of the housing development, including, but not limited to, common area space, walkways, balconies, patios, clubhouse space, meeting rooms, laundry facilities, and parking areas that are exclusively available to residential users, except any portions of the overall development that are specifically commercial space.
Related facilities means park and ride lots, park and pool lots, ramps, bypasses, turnouts, signal preemption, and other improvements designed to maximize use of the high occupancy vehicle system.

Examples of Related facilities in a sentence

  • Related facilities such as directory services and security services may be more easily shared.

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Related facilities means any build- ing or structure normally found in a community and includes but is not lim- ited to water, sewer and electrical lines, community centers, health cen- ters and clinics, roads, and business es- tablishments.
Related facilities means any office, restaurant, concessions, retail, and lodging facilities that are
Related facilities means but is not limited to laboratories, outpatient departments, nurses' homes and nurses' training facilities and central service facilities operated in connection with hospitals.
Related facilities collectively means the land, buildings, structures, or other facilities on which or in which the System is constructed, installed or situated. “Regulations” have the meaning ascribed to such term in Section 3.5 of this SLA. “Renewable Energy Credit(s)” means renewable energy credit(s) or certificates, emission reduction credits, emission allowances, green tags, tradable renewable credits, and Green-e products related to renewable energy production supplied from the System.
Related facilities means building site improvements including, but not limited to, parking lots, passageways, roads or any other real or personal property located on the site.
Related facilities means the revolving credit facilities, letter of credit facilities, bankers’ acceptance facilities or similar working capital facilities evidencing unsecured Debt of one or more Non-Guaranteeing Restricted Subsidiaries.
Related facilities means all fittings, valves, connections, and other facilities associated with the main extension and required in accordance with reasonable utility engineering practices to provide service to a point perpendicular to the most remote structure to be served fronting the main extension.