Project Facilities definition

Project Facilities means those facilities of the system which will, in whole or in part, serve the purposes of this contract by conserving water and making it available for use in and above the Delta and for export from the Delta and from such additional facilities as are defined in Article 1(h)(2) herein, and by conveying water to the Agency. Said project facilities shall consist specifically of “project conservation facilities” and “project transportation facilities”, as hereinafter defined.
Project Facilities means the Project Site, the existing Project Facilities on the Project Site more fully described in the Schedule 5 and includes all the structures, fittings & fixtures, common areas, infrastructure, all amenities/ facilities proposed to be build, provided or procured within the Project Site by the Developer, consistent with Good Industry Practice and the terms of this PDMA.
Project Facilities means all the amenities and facilities situated on the Site, as described in Schedule-C;

Examples of Project Facilities in a sentence

During the term of this Agreement, the COMMISSIONER shall have the right to enter upon the Project Facilities for the purposes of inspecting and examining the condition of the Project Facilities and any activities conducted pursuant to this Agreement.

Upon completion and acceptance of the Project Facilities by GRANTEE, GRANTEE shall certify in writing to the COMMISSIONER that the Project Facilities have been completed and accepted in accordance with the WORK SCHEDULE.

GRANTEE agrees that, during the term of this Agreement or in any event if funding of the STATE's share is from the proceeds of bonds or other obligations issued by the STATE or any of its public benefit corporations, such Project Facilities shall not be sold, rendered unusable, relinquished, or disposed of by GRANTEE without the express written consent of the COMMISSIONER having first been obtained, which shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed.

GRANTEE shall have the right to abandon part or all of the Project Facilities, or to discontinue or curtail service thereover, provided that: a Said abandonment, discontinuance or curtailment of service has been authorized by the federal Surface Transportation Board or any body having jurisdiction thereof; b.

GRANTEE agrees to maintain, or arrange to have maintained, at no expense to STATE, the Project Facilities as well as ancillary facilities, in accordance with usage, for the operation and maintenance term specified in Section 4.1 hereof.

More Definitions of Project Facilities

Project Facilities means all the amenities and facilities to be constructed on the Site, as described in Schedule-C2;
Project Facilities means all the amenities and facilities required as basic and support infrastructure for implementing the Project and includes transportation vehicles, ICT infrastructure, machinery and equipment procured, inherited, installed and operated and all other Project related physical assets;
Project Facilities means those facilities being constructed on underlying property excluding the underlying property, together with all materials, equipment, facilities or supplies acquired, constructed, reconstructed, established, improved or rehabilitated by or on behalf of the GRANTEE pursuant to the provisions of this Agreement to accomplish the work program set forth in the Work Schedule.
Project Facilities means equipment to be provided and the facilities to be constructed, upgraded, or rehabilitated under the Project;
Project Facilities means, generally, the pollution control facilities financed or refinanced from the proceeds of the Prior Bonds, which were refunded from the proceeds of the Refunded Bonds, as such Project Facilities are listed and described in Exhibit A hereto, and may also be limited, when appropriate in the context, to those specific capital assets and equipment, if any, remaining in the ownership of the Company and in the physical state, condition and manner of operation existing on the date of issuance of the Bonds. At the date of this Agreement, the Company does not own or operate any of the Project Facilities.
Project Facilities means the facilities and equipment to be provided under the Project;
Project Facilities means the facilities to be improved, rehabilitated, modernized, constructed, and/or maintained, and the equipment to be installed and maintained under the Project;