Authority’s Representative definition

Authority’s Representative means the individual authorised to act on behalf of the Authority for the purposes of the Contract.
Authority’s Representative means any person nominated by the Authority from time to time to be its representative for any matters relating to this Agreement.
Authority’s Representative means a person authorised to represent the Authority in respect of this Agreement.

Examples of Authority’s Representative in a sentence

  • The Authority’s Representative shall not be obliged to accept any Alternative Accommodation but shall act reasonably in considering the proposals for Alternative Accommodation and will notify Project Co promptly of its decision whether or not such proposed Alternative Accommodation is acceptable.

  • Applications for Payment53 29.4 No later than each Application Date, D&B Co shall make an application ("Application for Payment") to the Authority’s Representative for an Interim Certificate of payment in respect of that Relevant Month.

  • Where, in any Core Session an Escalation Event subsists, the Authority’s Representative or head teacher of the relevant Facility may decide to Close the Facility.

  • A Personal Particulars Form shall be completed for each additional person and sent to the Authority’s Representative (Commercial – see Box 1 of Schedule 3 Annex A to the Contract – DEFFORM 111).

  • If, in any case the Contractor is unable to comply with this condition he shall report the matter to the Authority’s Representative (Commercial – see Box 1 of Schedule 3 Annex A to the Contract – DEFFORM 111) and await further instructions before placing the subcontract or order.

More Definitions of Authority’s Representative

Authority’s Representative means the person appointed by the Authority and listed in Clause 5.2 (Representatives) or otherwise notified in writing by the Authority to the Contractor from time to time;
Authority’s Representative means such person or persons as may be authorised in writing by the Authority to act on its behalf under this Agreement and shall include any person or persons having authority to exercise any rights or perform and fulfil any obligations of the Authority under this Agreement;
Authority’s Representative means the person authorised to act for Secretary of State for Health. This person's name is shown in Schedule 5 - Administrative Instructions.
Authority’s Representative means a person, employee, entity or entities so designated by the Authority to monitor, evaluate and review or coordinate or manage the evaluation and review of all aspects of the Work.
Authority’s Representative means the representative of the designated by the Authority in relation to the License Agreement.