Owner’s Representative definition

Owner’s Representative has the meaning given in Section 2.2.
Owner’s Representative shall have the meaning ascribed to it in Section 8.S herein.
Owner’s Representative shall have the meaning given in the Agreement.

Examples of Owner’s Representative in a sentence

  • Subject to Section 13.7 of this Agreement, Design/Builder shall submit all documents produced as part of the Design Services to Owner's Representative for review and approval in accordance with the terms of the Contract.

  • However, any such review or approval by Owner or Owner's Representative shall not relieve Design/Builder of or otherwise diminish its obligations under the Contract.

  • Design/Builder shall notify Owner's Representative when it has received said permits, licenses and authorizations and upon receipt shall supply Owner with copies of same.

  • In the performance of the Contract, Design/Builder's status as an independent contractor shall not be modified or diminished by reason of any instructions issued by Owner or Owner's Representative to Design/Builder or any of Design/Builder's employees, Subcontractors, or representatives.

  • The MRA shall ensure that each of its members cooperate fully with the Plan Holder, its Qualified Individual and any Vessel Owner's Representative in response to meeting Plan Holder’s VRP requirements.

More Definitions of Owner’s Representative

Owner’s Representative means the person appointed by the Owner under GC 5.1;
Owner’s Representative means the identified party in this Agreement or an associated Task Order, who represents Owner in the administration of the services to be performed by Appraiser.
Owner’s Representative means the individual designated by Owner in accordance with Section 5.1.
Owner’s Representative means , or its successor as designated by Owner, to whom Owner has delegated some or all of Owner’s Project duties and responsibilities.
Owner’s Representative has the meaning set out in Section 5.1;
Owner’s Representative. – means the Technical Authority or his/her designate.
Owner’s Representative has the meaning given in Section 2.2. "Pass-Through Amounts" means fees and/or reimbursements for services provided to the Property but not covered by the Management Fee, as described in Exhibit A attached hereto and made a part hereof'. "Property'' means the multifamily apartment project listed and described on Exhibit B attached hereto and made a patt hereat: "Securi!Y Deposit Account" has the meaning given in Section 5.1. "State" means the state in which the Property is located. ARTICLE 2