Owner Representative definition

Owner Representative means that Person or Persons designated by Owner in a written notice to Contractor who shall have complete authority to act on behalf of Owner on all matters pertaining to the Work, including giving instructions and making changes in the Work. The Owner Representative as of the Contract Date is designated in Section 4.9.
Owner Representative has the meaning specified in Section 23(i).
Owner Representative means the Owner’s representative designated by Owner pursuant to Section 2.1.

Examples of Owner Representative in a sentence

  • Contractor shall also act, without appeal, if so authorized or instructed by the Owner Representative.

  • The Contractor shall provide and maintain all necessary watchmen, flagmen, barricades, and signage in accordance with requirements of the law and of the Owner Representative and take all reasonable precautions for the protection and safety of the public.

  • This requirement shall not apply to property used for permanent disposal of rubbish or waste materials in accordance with permission for such disposal granted to the Contractor by the Owner Representative where such disposal is in accordance with local ordinances.

  • Instruct building maintenance personnel and Owner Representative in operation and maintenance of mechanical systems utilizing Operation & Maintenance Manual when so doing.

  • The Owner Representative shall at all times have access to the Work whenever it is in preparation or progress, and the Contractor shall provide proper facilities for such access and for inspection.

More Definitions of Owner Representative

Owner Representative means any contractor, subcontractor, agent or employee hired or engaged by an Owner in connection with any Construction Activity.
Owner Representative means the ChairMayor of the Owner or any person designated in writing by the ChairMayor to act on behalf of the Owner under or with respect to this Agreement.
Owner Representative means any person authorized by the owner to fully manage the transient use site.
Owner Representative means the person or persons (who may be employees of the Owner) designated from time to time to act hereunder on behalf of the Owner in a written certification furnished to the City or its Designee, containing a specimen signature of such person or persons and signed by the Owner or on behalf of the Owner by a duly authorized representative of the Owner.
Owner Representative means Tishman Construction Corporation of Nevada.
Owner Representative has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 3.8(c), below.
Owner Representative has the meaning specified in Section 6.2.