Holders’ Representative definition

Holders’ Representative means the Holders’ Representative named in the first paragraph of this Agreement or any direct or indirect successor Holders’ Representative designated in accordance with Section 6.3.
Holders’ Representative means the person appointed as the Holders’ Representative by the Investors pursuant to Section 11 hereof.
Holders’ Representative means the representative of the Holders named in the preamble, until a successor Holders’ Representative shall have become such pursuant to the applicable provisions of this Agreement, and thereafter “Holders’ Representative” shall mean such successor Holders’ Representative.

Examples of Holders’ Representative in a sentence

  • The Holders’ Representative shall comply with the instructions of the Holders.

  • The Holders’ Representative shall provide reports to the Holders on its activities.

  • The regulations of the SchVG apply with regard to the recall and the other rights and obligations of the Holders’ Representative.

  • To the extent that the Holders’ Representative has been authorised to assert certain rights of the Holders, the Holders shall not be entitled to assert such rights themselves, unless explicitly provided for in the relevant majority resolution.

  • If the Holders’ meeting votes against the serving of a Default Notice, the right to serve such Default Notice shall revert to the Holders’ Representative whereby the Holders’ Representative shall not be bound by the resolution of the Holders’ meeting if and to the extent that new circumstances arise or become known which require a revised assessment of the facts.

More Definitions of Holders’ Representative

Holders’ Representative means Purchaser or any or any other Holder designated by Purchaser as a Holders’ Representative.
Holders’ Representative means Leucadia or any other Holder designated by Leucadia as the Holders’ Representative.
Holders’ Representative means Xxxxxx Associates L.P., or any other person that has been appointed by the Holders of a majority of the Registrable Securities to act as representative of the Holders for purposes of this Agreement.
Holders’ Representative means Hostess CDM Co-Invest, LLC or its designee; provided, that when CDM and the CDM Entity Holders (or their assignees) no longer have any rights to TRA Payments, AP Hostess LP or its designee shall be the Holders’ Representative.
Holders’ Representative means Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx.
Holders’ Representative means Reuters or any other Holder designated by Reuters as a Holders' Representative.
Holders’ Representative has the definition set forth in the Contribution and Exchange Agreement.