Operator definition

Operator means the operator of an electronic communications code network.
Operator means any person who is from time to time during the Facility Period concerned in the operation of a Relevant Ship and falls within the definition of “Company” set out in rule 1.1.2 of the ISM Code;
Operator means the person operating the hotel whether as owner, lessee or otherwise.

Examples of Operator in a sentence

Project Co must retain up to date health and safety records and make these available to the Facility Operator as requested by the Facility Operator from time to time.

Facility Functions means all custodial, custodial support, educational training, rehabilitation, medical and other services which the Facility Operator, the State or other State Associates will undertake at the Facility during the Operating Phase as specified in or reasonably inferred from this Agreement.

The State may exercise any power or duties or functions delegated to the Facility Operator.

Where the State and the Facility Operator provide Project Co with consent to access the Existing Facility under paragraph (c), the terms of such access may be varied from time to time by the State and Project Co shall comply with any such varied terms.

The State may vary or terminate any delegated power duty or function of the Facility Operator but must promptly notify Project Co of any such variation or termination.

More Definitions of Operator

Operator means the party designated to conduct the Joint Operations.
Operator means any person in control of, or having responsibility for, the daily operation of the UST system.
Operator means the company providing the services under Agreement.
Operator means the owner or operator of any facility or activity subject to the Act and this chapter. In the context of stormwater associated with a large or small construction activity, operator means any person associated with a construction project that meets either of the following two criteria: (i) the person has direct operational control over construction plans and specifications, including the ability to make modifications to those plans and specifications or (ii) the person has day-to-day operational control of those activities at a project that are necessary to ensure compliance with a stormwater pollution prevention plan for the site or other state permit or VSMP authority permit conditions (i.e., they are authorized to direct workers at a site to carry out activities required by the stormwater pollution prevention plan or comply with other permit conditions). In the context of stormwater discharges from Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s), operator means the operator of the regulated MS4 system.
Operator means a person who operates a machine covered by this subrule by performing functions such as starting or stopping the machine, placing materials into or removing them from the machine, or any other function directly involved in the operation of the machine.
Operator means any person, other than the Owner's employees, authorized by the Owner as having the charge, management or control of any aspect of the Site;
Operator means the person responsible for the overall operation of a facility.