Storage operator definition

Storage operator means a person holding or applying for a permit.
Storage operator means any person, firm, or corporation which operates an underground storage facility.
Storage operator means a person who stores an aircraft or aircraft

Examples of Storage operator in a sentence

  • The Storage operator shall announce continuation of the Auction to the active Applicants in a suitable manner no later than 30 minutes prior to the continuation.

  • Unless otherwise explicitly stated in the gas storage agreement or in the Storage code, the ownership right to the gas which is subject to the storage services shall not pass at any moment of the validity and effectiveness of the respective agreement to the Storage operator.

  • The Storage operator is ready to provide storage services within and pursuant to this Storage code, which are traded based on the virtual GSF principle at the virtual gas storage point.

  • The Storage operator shall be entitled to limit or interrupt the activities associated with gas storage (provision of the storage service) to the necessary extent in the cases specified under Section 60 of the Energy Act.

  • The Storage operator shall check the claimed information on the Storage user’s account without undue delay after the receipt of this claim and shall send a written statement to the Storage user within 10 business days describing the method in which the claimed information will be settled.

More Definitions of Storage operator

Storage operator means a person authorized by
Storage operator means the person authorized by the
Storage operator means an individual appointed as a storage operator under s.43A of the Water Act 1989.
Storage operator means any company, person, corporation, partnership, limited partnership, association of persons, municipality, association of municipalities, public utility, gas district, or other entity, authorized by the Board pursuant to Section 9-17-152 of the Code to operate any storage facility.
Storage operator means the operator of an NGTL-connected commercial storage facility.
Storage operator means any person duly
Storage operator means N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie operating the Gas Storage Facility on behalf of EnergyStock B.V.