Network Operator definition

Network Operator means the network operator who operates the wireless network of networks to which the SIM Cards are connected.
Network Operator means the provider of the Network.
Network Operator means a person licensed to convey gas under Article

Examples of Network Operator in a sentence

  • To modify the UNC to enable a Distribution Network Operator (DNO) and an Independent Gas Transporter (IGT) to enter into a bilateral ‘operator to operator’ agreement, enabled by the iGT Arrangements Document (IGTAD) and containing Network Entry Provisions, to allow physical gas to be offtaken from a DNO by an IGT, compressed to a higher pressure, then returned to the same DNO by the IGT, through a process known as reverse compression.

More Definitions of Network Operator

Network Operator means the company licensed to operate the electricity distribution network in your area.
Network Operator means a company that owns or operates an electronic communications network, and which makes such network and the electronic communications services conveyed over such network available to other industry players for commercial purposes (e.g. Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, and Telkom);
Network Operator means the entity who owns and operates the Electricity Network (as described in section 3 of the Energy Coordination Act 1994 (WA)). The Network Operator is responsible for the Electricity Network, which is the system via which electricity is delivered to You. We have no control over the Electricity Network.
Network Operator means the operator of the Networks and from whom access to the relevant Network is procured by us for your benefit or, in the case of the Nine Network, means us;
Network Operator means the operator of the SWIS from time to time and includes its employees, subcontractors, agents and successors in title; and
Network Operator means a person who holds a distribution licence.
Network Operator means a person who —