Network Operator definition

Network Operator means the provider of the Network.
Network Operator means a person licensed to convey gas under Article

Examples of Network Operator in a sentence

  • Network Operator Terms: The Customer shall be fully liable for all obligations set forth in the relevant terms and conditions as made available by the Network Operator, including payment terms, and Arrow accept no liability without exception for these.

  • This point is also valid, but it is the Network Operator or the MEC Provider that is usually accountable for it (in RACI matrix model).

  • For mobile transfers, payments will be done using the Mobile Network Operator (MNO) portal, with specific features designed in line with WFP’s operation requirements.

  • Satellite On December 18th 2001 the CCK licensed a second Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) Network Operator to offer VSAT communications solutions to users within the country.

  • The Network Operator must demonstrate the following: ⮚ There are procedures to ensure that maintenance of the infrastructure is undertaken safely, including clear management control and documented audit and inspection.⮚ There are procedures which ensure that the maintenance of the infrastructure meets the specific needs of the network.⮚ There are procedures which show that rules covering the supply of maintenance and material have been identified and that the applicant can comply with them.

More Definitions of Network Operator

Network Operator means a company that owns or operates an electronic communications network, and which makes such network and the electronic communications services conveyed over such network available to other industry players for commercial purposes (e.g. Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, and Telkom);
Network Operator means the operator of the Networks and from whom access to the relevant Network is procured by us for your benefit or, in the case of the Nine Network, means us;
Network Operator means a person who holds a distribution licence.
Network Operator means the network operator who operates the wireless network of networks to which the SIM Cards are connected.
Network Operator means the network operator who operates the wireless telecommunications Network to which the SIM Card is connected and from whom We procure Airtime;
Network Operator means the operator of a Gas Distribution Network being a Gas Transporter;