Non-Operator definition

Non-Operator means a Party other than the Operator;
Non-Operator means a party other than the operator;
Non-Operator means each Party to this Agreement other than Operator.

Examples of Non-Operator in a sentence

  • Non-Operator emergency responders are individuals responding to render professional aid at the incident scene including on-duty and volunteer fire fighters, rescue workers, EMTs, police officers, etc.

  • Operator, as debtor and mortgagor, additionally agrees that, should the Non-Operator, as creditor and mortgagee, seek to enforce or foreclose its mortgage or other security rights, the Non-Operator may appoint itself or a nominee as a Keeper of the collateral granted herein as provided under La.R.S. 9:5131 et seq.

  • In addition, at any time prior to the filing of such release and termination instrument, the Operator and the Non-Operator shall have the right to file a continuation statement pursuant to the Uniform Commercial Code with respect to any financing statement or reinscription statement to the mortgage records filed in their favor under the terms of this Memorandum.

  • Such payment shall not prejudice the right of any Non-Operator to question the charges or credits accruing to the Joint Account, and the Operator shall take immediate steps to clarify, explain and adjust any queried charges or credits.

  • The Operator shall in respect of all such insurance (i) take reasonable steps to arrange for such contractors (including subcontractors) to obtain from their insurers a waiver of subrogation in favour of the Parties and (ii) provide copies of such insurance policies on the request of a Non-Operator.

More Definitions of Non-Operator

Non-Operator means the entities constituting the Contractor other than the Operator, and the Government when it participates.
Non-Operator means any Working Interest Owner not designated as the Operator.
Non-Operator means any Participant which, at the relevant time, is not the Operator;
Non-Operator means a Participant.
Non-Operator as herein used shall be construed to mean any one or more of the non-operating parties.
Non-Operator means a working interest member of the consortium constituting the Contractor, other than the Operator.
Non-Operator means an Owner, as defined by Section 53-1-3, Mississippi Code of 1972, who is not designated as the Operator.