aircraft operator definition

aircraft operator means a person that operated at least 729 commercial air transport flights departing from Union airports in the reporting period or, where that person may not be identified, the owner of the aircraft;
aircraft operator means the person who operates an aircraft at the time it performs an aviation activity listed in Annex I or, where that person is not known or is not identified by the owner of the aircraft, the owner of the aircraft;
aircraft operator means any legal or natural person operating or proposing to operate one or more aircraft;

More Definitions of aircraft operator

aircraft operator means a person, organisation or enterprise engaged in or offering to engage in an aircraft operation;
aircraft operator means the person or entity, not being an air carrier, who has continual effective disposal of the use or operation of the aircraft; the natural or legal person in whose name the aircraft is registered shall be presumed to be the operator, unless that person can prove that another person is the operator;
aircraft operator means an "aircraft operator" as defined in the EU ETS Directive;
aircraft operator means (A) a Person owning one or more aircraft which are not leased or chartered to any other Person for operation, or (B) a Person to whom one or more aircraft are leased or chartered for operation whether the aircraft so owned, leased or chartered are military or non- military, or are used for private business, pleasure or governmental business, or for carrier or non- carrier operations, or for scheduled or non-scheduled operations or otherwise. Said phrase shall not mean the pilot of an aircraft unless he or she is also the owner or lessee thereof or a Person to whom such aircraft is chartered.
aircraft operator means any person exercising control of an aircraft.
aircraft operator means a national aircraft operator and a foreign aircraft operator;