Operational Plan definition

Operational Plan means a Forest Stewardship Plan, Woodlot Licence Plan, a Range Use Plan, or Range Stewardship Plan, as those terms are defined in provincial forest and range legislation;
Operational Plan means a schedule of irrigation deliveries with details of the mode and duration of supplies drawn up for regulation of irrigation in the command area of an irrigation system;
Operational Plan means an operational plan developed in accordance with the Director’s Directions – Minimum Requirements for Operational Plans made under the authority of subsection 15(1) of the SDWA;

Examples of Operational Plan in a sentence

  • Prior to Contract start date and on an annual basis, the Contractor shall submit for approval to the State a Care Coordination Operational Plan.

  • Councils are also required to have an annual Operational Plan adopted by the beginning of each financial year which outlines the planned activities for the year as part of the Delivery Program.

  • Strategy 2030 Operational Plan for Priority 6: Strengthening Governance and Institutional Capacity, 2019-2024.

  • If non-response is found to be extensive or systematic during a pilot exercise of 2% of the total sample, the Offerors should propose an alternative approach to be followed during the complete survey exercise of 10% of the total sample.

  • In addition to the information in this section, the Multiply Operational Plan has been provided with Your Agreement, which sets out how You should submit data and how the WMCA will undertake its financial due diligence, make payments, performance management, audit, and gain assurance from its providers.

More Definitions of Operational Plan

Operational Plan means a written plan filed with CRMC and approved by DEM prior to its implementation, that includes at a minimum: description of the design and activities of the culture facility, specific site and boundaries, types and locations of structures (rafts, pens, tanks, etc.), species to be cultured, source of these organisms, procedures to prevent contamination, program of sanitation and maintenance, description of the water source including details of water treatment, program to maintain water quality, maintenance of records, and how shell stock will be harvested.
Operational Plan means a comprehensive plan with location of Designated Bins, their pickup schedule, vehicle planning & scheduling for Secondary Collection and Transportation of Solid Waste in the Project Area, as prepared by the Concessionaire and approved by respective PLB;
Operational Plan means a document that amongst other things sets out procedures and criteria to be used for operating a dam during a particular time period. The operational plan as defined herein may form part of a plan of operations or plan otherwise required in legislation.
Operational Plan means a written description of the design and activities of the facility specific to, but not limited to, the species of shellfish to be processed, the source of the shellfish to be processed, how the shellfish will be processed, and how the required records will be maintained.
Operational Plan means a written plan of operations prepared by or for an emergency medical service provider that describes the provider’s methods and procedures for providing emergency medical services in the provider’s primary service area and other areas served through mutual aid or contract.
Operational Plan means a written document outlining how a lease operator will utilize his lease area and structures and handle product to, on and from the site. The completed lease application, executed lease, and any amendments thereto, may be used as an operational plan.
Operational Plan means a cash flow-projection for the Pledged Policies which constitute the Collateral (including any Additional Policies), through the date on which no further Premiums will be required to keep the Pledged Policies in full force and effect, assuming that none of such Policies shall mature in such period, reasonably acceptable to the Administrative Agent and the Insurance Consultant.