Operational Period definition

Operational Period means the period starting with the date and time a Certificate is issued (or on a later date and time certain if stated in the Certificate) and ending with the date and time on which the Certificate expires or is earlier revoked.
Operational Period means the Certificate’s actual term of validity, beginning with the start of the Validity Period and ending on the earlier of: (i) the end of the Validity Period disclosed in the Certificate; or (ii) the revocation of the Certificate.
Operational Period means the period during which injection occurs.

Examples of Operational Period in a sentence

  • Whilst it may be possible to purchase insurance policies to cover the Construction Period (as long as the build period is not too long), Operational Period insurances are usually renewed on an annual basis.

More Definitions of Operational Period

Operational Period has the meaning set forth in Section 3.4 of this Agreement.
Operational Period means the period of time scheduled for execution of a given set of operational actions as specified in the incident action plan. The operational period coincides with the completion of one planning cycle.
Operational Period means the period oftime during the Term, commencing on the Installation Date, during which the Program is functional in order to permit the issuance of Citations using the Redflex System.
Operational Period means the period from the date of the final commissioning of the development until the last date on which any of the wind turbine generators supplies electricity on a commercial basis;
Operational Period means the duration for which a Flexibility Service may be required by the Company which shall, in respect of each Flexibility Service requirement, and unless such Flexibility Service requirement or this Agreement is terminated earlier in accordance with its terms, be for a minimum period of one (1) year from the date of Contract Award in respect of such Flexibility Service requirement as may be extended in accordance with Clause 2.2;
Operational Period means a period of time beginning at the time of the request for Mutual Aid and lasting no longer than thirty six (36) hours. Typically assistance would be given in Twelve (12) hour shifts for operational efficiencies. It is the intention of this mutual aid to be for assistance in the initial response to the emergency and not part of the long term recovery. If assistance is requested beyond the initial 36 hours, then the Requesting Party must work with the Responding Party directly and put in place a mutual agreeable contract and payment for services rendered. It is also understood that any agency responding under this mutual aid agreement will not receive any reimbursement for their mutual aid assistance up to the first 36 hours, even if the event becomes a declared emergency by the President. After the first 36 hours repayment shall be provided. It is also understood that any agency for any reason may decline to assist or recall their mutual aid at any time.
Operational Period means [●];