Tier 1 Support definition

Tier 1 Support means the Technical Support provided by the Tier 1 Help Desk.
Tier 1 Support means the Technical Support provided via the Oakland County Service Center to Public Body to resolve reported incidents involving Public Body’s access to or use of County’s AGO portal.
Tier 1 Support means the Technical Support provided by the Tier 1 Help Desk as the primary contact to Licensee in attempted resolution of reported Incidents.

Examples of Tier 1 Support in a sentence

  • County’s Information Technology (I.T.) Department will pass through updates and provide Tier 1 Support to Public Body for applicable AGO use.

  • County shall pass through updates and provide Tier 1 Support to CVT during the term of the EA for applicable ArcGIS Online use.

More Definitions of Tier 1 Support

Tier 1 Support means the services provided by Paradyne in response to a Customer's initial notification of a suspected Problem.
Tier 1 Support means configuration questions and general setup enquires on the Products but excludes any support with respect to Open Source Software.
Tier 1 Support means the identification, diagnosis and correction of Issues raised by End Users or Channel Partners through the provision of the following support services by help desk technicians sufficiently qualified and experienced to identify and resolve such Issues: (i) telephone/e-mail/chat assistance; (ii) remote services; and (iii) access to technical information on Partner’s website for proper use of the Integrated Products.
Tier 1 Support means first line user support on non-technical issues;
Tier 1 Support means the provision of customer service and technical support to end users. The Metavante customer care agents provide assistance with the following, but not limited to payment verification, payee set up, opening service requests for payment research, user education on how to use the Metavante products, technical support with using and accessing the products, and technical support for some browser issues.
Tier 1 Support means support to identify, validate, and, if applicable, classify Errors on the Supported Hadoop Software.
Tier 1 Support means the initial support level that is provided for basic user assistance. Tier 1 Support includes troubleshooting and resolving basic problems, including but not limited to: Problems with usernames and passwords Verification of hardware and software setup Menu navigation If they are unable to resolve a issue they will escalate it to the next level of support.