Level 1 Support definition

Level 1 Support means qualifying and logging all Technical Support Incidents, answering technical inquiries via telephone support and email regarding the Work and performing limited diagnostic services.
Level 1 Support means the ability to provide general pre and post-sales product information; hardware and software configuration; questions on upgrade Support; collect relevant technical problem identification information; perform base problem determination; provide basic Support on the standard products, protocols and features; replace Field Replaceable Units (FRUs) or whole Hardware units.
Level 1 Support means the provision of aHelp Deskand/or hotline for error logging and telephone assistance with software problem identification.

Examples of Level 1 Support in a sentence

  • Contractor shall (i) provide the Court with Level 1 Support, Level 2 Support and Level 3 Support, and (ii) deliver to the Court Project Manager a monthly report summarizing Technical Support Incidents opened, continuing, or closed during the preceding calendar month.

More Definitions of Level 1 Support

Level 1 Support means support which is provided by the internal MedQuist support unit to the MedQuist operational unit in response to an initial phone call which identifies and documents a Problem and includes initial responses to such internal calls, database searches for previously reported problems, installation of Patches and Maintenance Releases and the hand off of unresolved Problems to Level 2 Support. Level 1 Support is performed by licensees themselves.
Level 1 Support means support for Subscribers and End Users as described in Schedule 1.8.
Level 1 Support means basic troubleshooting and call triage, as may be more fully set forth on the applicable Product Schedule.
Level 1 Support means that Customer shall provide all assistance reasonably requested by Radiant. Assistance required by Radiant from Customer in replicating and diagnosing Errors includes, but is not limited to the following: