Promotion Period definition

Promotion Period means the period the Promotion is open, as specified in clause 5.1.
Promotion Period means the period defined in clause 9 of these terms.
Promotion Period means the period starting at 00:01 hours on 29 June 2013 and ending at 23:59 hours on 1 September 2013 (Malaysian time).

Examples of Promotion Period in a sentence

  • References in these terms and conditions to the Promotion Period include any Extended Promotion Period, where applicable.

  • All Entries must be posted by the end of the Promotion Period in order to participate.

  • Entries must be received by the Promoter during the Promotion Period.

  • The Promoter accepts no responsibility for any entries not received for any reason during the Promotion Period.

  • All applications received after the specified Promotion Period, or submitted through any means other than specified below, will not be eligible for the Promotion.

More Definitions of Promotion Period

Promotion Period means from the 17th of May 2018 (00:01) to the 30th of June 2018 (23:59) (inclusive) in which day the Bonus which was credited to the Client’s Account for the First Minimum Deposit will be removed.
Promotion Period means the DuitNow, JomPAY or FPX Transaction which takes place from 1st August 2021 – 30th November 2021.
Promotion Period means from the 22nd of April 2019 (00:01) to the 07th of June 2019 (23:59) (inclusive);
Promotion Period means the DuitNow Registration which takes place from 1 November 2020 –31 January 2021.
Promotion Period means a specified period of time established by PM USA during which PM USA offers a particular PM USA Promotion.
Promotion Period means from the 16th of August 2018 (00:01) to the 30th of November 2018 (23:59) (inclusive).
Promotion Period means from the 1st of October 2020 (00:00) to the 31st of December 2020 (23:59) (inclusive), which is the period for new clients to register the trading account and qualify to participate in this promotion.