Licensed Programs definition

Licensed Programs means, collectively, NeoSystems’ and any Third Party Vendor computer software programs to be provided to Client for use on certain hardware on Client’s premises or a third party’s premises as set forth in an Agreement. The Licensed Programs shall include any fixes, work-arounds, updates, revisions, modifications, enhancements and any derivative works that are provided to Client by NeoSystems under an Agreement.
Licensed Programs means the following with respect to the System installed or to be installed in a given Licensed Market: (i) the CTS-owned computer software (including firmware and patches), in object code form only, and the Third-Party Software, in object code form only, described in the applicable Market Purchase Agreement for such System; (ii) all New Releases, Maintenance Releases, and Customizations provided by CTS to Customer for such System; and (iii) any additional software, data tables, and programs as CTS and Customer may, from time to time, agree in writing to add to such System as Licensed Programs.
Licensed Programs means the Split Territory Licensed Programs and the SMA Licensed Program.

Examples of Licensed Programs in a sentence

  • Licensee will receive a license key for each License Server which will permit access to the Licensed Programs.

  • If a patent invention is implemented in the Licensed Programs for which a right to use is granted pursuant to the Agreement, DS hereby grants Licensee a non-exclusive license on the applicable patent limited to the use of such Licensed Program.

  • Added-value engineering or implementation services are services to deliver to a third party end user any deliverable generated specifically for said third party end user from use by Licensee of the Licensed Programs.

  • Development Tool Kit, Licensee is authorized to use the Licensed Programs for added-value engineering or implementation services.

  • DS also reserves the right to use a hardware lock device, license administration software, and/or a license authorization key to control access to the Licensed Programs.

More Definitions of Licensed Programs

Licensed Programs means the software program(s) identified in Schedule A (Fee Schedule).
Licensed Programs. The term Licensed Programs shall mean the wireless communications computer programs in software or firmware supplied under this License Agreement by LICENSOR in binary object code format to the LICENSEE (stand alone or in conjunction with the purchase of a LICENSOR wireless communications System.) Licensed Programs shall also include all other material related to the Licensed Programs supplied by LICENSOR to LICENSEE hereunder, and which may be in machine readable or printed form, including but not limited to user documentation and/or manuals.
Licensed Programs means the software programs in object code form and supporting data files.
Licensed Programs means the Euronet AS400 software and associated PC programs identified in Exhibit B, including the Source Materials, for which Customer is granted a license pursuant to this Agreement, and the media, Documentation and Updates therefore provided by Euronet pursuant to the terms of this Agreement.
Licensed Programs means the computer programs for the purpose of firewall systems security software, which programs are to be supplied to Licensee in object code form only. For purposes of the Agreement, Licensed Programs shall also include any Enhancements or Error Corrections to the computer programs that Licensor may from time to time furnish to Licensee pursuant to this Agreement.
Licensed Programs means any machine readable copies of computer programs designed (A) to provide a communication interface to the Service through Authorized Devices