Licensed Program definition

Licensed Program means the executable processing programs of licensed information, which is composed of various modules in the Licensed Software package provided by the Licensor.
Licensed Program means a Digital Font Program licensed by the Licensor under this Agreement.
Licensed Program means whichever features of the Software are enabled by the Software protection mechanism corresponding to the configuration or product model licensed. Any portion of the Licensed Program contained or merged into another program will continue to be subject to these Terms and Conditions.

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Any features for which Licensee has not paid the applicable fee (whether it be a perpetual, term/subscription/SAAS or other fee) or any other unenabled features of the Licensed Program are unlicensed and Licensee agrees not to use or access such features.

Program publications and softcopyThis section identifies the publications for High Level Assembler.v HLASM Licensed Program Specifications GC26-4944v HLASM Installation and Customization Guide SC26-3494v HLASM Language Reference SC26-4940 v HLASM Programmer's Guide SC26-4941 v HLASM General Information GC26-4943For a list of books for related products, see “Bibliography” on page 215.

In no sense is this Agreement intended to transfer any right relating to the Licensed Program held by the Licensor except as specifically set forth herein or any right relating to any trademark, trade name, or service mark to the Recipient.

However, any and all rights underlying in the Licensed Program shall be held by the Licensor.

The Recipient may install the Licensed Program on any number of Computers and use the same in accordance with the provisions set forth in this Agreement.

More Definitions of Licensed Program

Licensed Program means all of Licensor’s proprietary technology and documentation (including software, hardware, processes, user interfaces, algorithms, know-how, techniques, and other tangible or intangible technical material or information, and specifications describing the features, functionality or operation of the Services,) made available to Licensee by Licensor in providing the Services to Licensee.
Licensed Program means each program in software or firmware form provided by Pathnet to Incumbent pursuant to the Fixed Point Microwave Services Agreement, dated the date hereof between Incumbent and Pathnet (the "FPM Agreement"), as such Licensed Program is licensed by Pathnet from Licensor, including future additions and updates to such Licensed Program. The term "Licensed Program" shall specifically include documentation and related materials pertinent to such program and any updated program or portion of a program hereinafter furnished to Incumbent for use in connection with or replacement of the Licensed Programs.
Licensed Program means the Development program undertaken by or on behalf of Prothena pursuant to the Master Collaboration Agreement with respect to the Licensed Target.
Licensed Program means the Parties’ rights and obligations under this Agreement with respect to the Licensed Antibody and Licensed Products.
Licensed Program means the software program in source code, object code, or any other form described in the copyright registrations and applications for copyright registration set forth in Exhibit A hereto, together with (i) Modifications thereto, (ii) all Documentation, and (iii) all derivative works based on the foregoing.
Licensed Program means (a) the XLRS Program, (b) the XLRP Program or (c) any Discovery Program for which Biogen has exercised the Option in accordance with Section 4.7.
Licensed Program means a Program for which the Parties enter into a License Agreement in accordance with ARTICLE 4.