Collaboration Product definition

Collaboration Product means any product that contains one or more Discovered RNAi Compound(s) as active ingredient(s).
Collaboration Product means any product or process developed for use in the Field by a Party to this Agreement utilizing, based upon or arising out of the Diacrin Patent Rights, the Genzyme Patent Rights, the Diacrin Technology, the Genzyme Technology or the Manufacturing Know-How owned or controlled by any Party, including NeuroCell(TM)-PD, NeuroCell(TM)-HD and any and all improvements, combination products, delivery systems and dosage forms related thereto.
Collaboration Product means a Product Configuration developed --------------------- in the Research Program intended for use in the Field which the Steering Committee has designated as such pursuant to Section 2.4 of the Collaboration Agreement.

Examples of Collaboration Product in a sentence

  • For the avoidance of doubt, with respect to a given Program, during the period from the end of the End of Phase 1 Date until the end of the Phase 1 Option Period for such Program, no further activities shall be conducted by or on behalf of Prothena with respect to such Program (including the Collaboration Target, Collaboration Candidates or Collaboration Product thereunder), unless agreed to by Celgene in writing (such agreement not to be unreasonably withheld).

More Definitions of Collaboration Product

Collaboration Product means, on a Program-by-Program basis, any product that constitutes, incorporates, comprises or contains a Collaboration Candidate from such Program, whether or not as the sole active ingredient, and in all forms, presentations, and formulations (including manner of delivery and dosage). For clarity, different forms, formulations, presentations or dosage strengths of a given Collaboration Product that constitute, incorporate, comprise or contain the same Collaboration Candidate shall be considered the same Collaboration Product for purposes of this Agreement.
Collaboration Product means any Split Territory Collaboration Product or SMA Collaboration Product; provided, however, that once an Option is exercised for a Collaboration Program, any Collaboration Product generated by or that is the subject of such Collaboration Program shall become a Licensed Product and shall no longer be a Collaboration Product.
Collaboration Product means any Antibody Product that contains a Collaboration Antibody.
Collaboration Product means an HSC Product, CART Product, and/or In Vivo Product.
Collaboration Product means any pharmaceutical product in finished form that contains a Collaboration Compound, either as the sole active ingredient or in combination with one or more other active ingredients, and all present and future formulations, dosages and dosage forms thereof.
Collaboration Product means any Collaboration Lead Compound for which an IND or foreign equivalent application has been filed, as provided in Section 5.2.
Collaboration Product means any product, other than a Licensed Product, containing a Program Antibody.”