Collaboration Product definition

Collaboration Product means any product that contains one or more Discovered RNAi Compound(s) as active ingredient(s).
Collaboration Product means any product developed for use in the Field by a Party utilizing, based upon or arising out of the GelTex Patent Rights, the Genzyme Patent Rights, the GelTex Technology, the Genzyme Technology or the Manufacturing Know-How owned or controlled by any Party, including without limitation RenaGel(R) non-absorbed phosphate binder ("RENAGEL(R)") and any and all improvements, combination products, delivery systems and dosage forms related thereto.
Collaboration Product means a Product Configuration developed in the Research Program intended for use in the Field which the Steering Committee has designated as such pursuant to Section 2.4.

Examples of Collaboration Product in a sentence

  • In particular, each Party will notify and provide the other Party with copies of any allegations of patent invalidity, unenforceability or non-infringement of any SERPINA1 Specific Patents, GSK Specific Patents or Wave Specific Patents Covering a Collaboration Compound or Collaboration Product (including methods of use or manufacture thereof).

  • Only one royalty will be due with respect to the sale of the same unit of Collaboration Product.

  • A notice under 42 U.S.C. 262(l) (however such section may be amended from time to time during the Term) with respect to a Collaboration Compound or Collaboration Product will be deemed to describe an act of Competitive Infringement, regardless of its content.

  • On a GSK Collaboration Product‑by‑GSK Collaboration Product basis, during the applicable Royalty Term for a GSK Collaboration Product, GSK will make royalty payments to Wave based on worldwide aggregate annual Net Sales made for each GSK Collaboration Product in the Field in the Territory by GSK ‑84‑ and its Related Parties in a given Calendar Year at the Royalty Rates set forth in Table 9.8.2 below (the “GSK Collaboration Product Royalty”).

  • The Parties will cooperate with each other in seeking any tax exemption or credits that may be available with respect to any Collaboration Product, including the tax credit available under Section 45C of the Internal Revenue Code by reason of a Party’s research and development expenditures contributing to the Collaboration Product being granted orphan drug status by the FDA, or equivalent foreign Applicable Law.

More Definitions of Collaboration Product

Collaboration Product means, on a Program-by-Program basis, any product that constitutes, incorporates, comprises or contains a Collaboration Candidate from such Program, whether or not as the sole active ingredient, and in all forms, presentations, and formulations (including manner of delivery and dosage). For clarity, different forms, formulations, presentations or dosage strengths of a given Collaboration Product that constitute, incorporate, comprise or contain the same Collaboration Candidate shall be considered the same Collaboration Product for purposes of this Agreement.
Collaboration Product means any Antibody Product that contains a Collaboration Antibody.
Collaboration Product means an HSC Product, CART Product, and/or In Vivo Product.
Collaboration Product means any Split Territory Collaboration Product or SMA Collaboration Product; provided, however, that once an Option is exercised for a Collaboration Program, any Collaboration Product generated by or that is the subject of such Collaboration Program shall become a Licensed Product and shall no longer be a Collaboration Product.
Collaboration Product means any pharmaceutical product in finished form that contains a Collaboration Compound, either as the sole active ingredient or in combination with one or more other active ingredients, and all present and future formulations, dosages and dosage forms thereof.
Collaboration Product means a pharmaceutical product containing or comprising Compound in any dosage form alone, or in combination with, one or more other pharmaceutically active ingredients, and any and all Improvements thereto.
Collaboration Product means any product, other than a Licensed Product, containing a Program Antibody.”