Licensed Services definition

Licensed Services means all functions performed by the Licensed System.
Licensed Services as used herein in either singular or plural shall mean the performance on behalf of a third party of any method or the manufacture of any product or the use of any product or composition which would constitute, but for the license granted to Company pursuant to this Agreement, an infringement of a claim of the PATENT RIGHTS, (infringement shall include, but not be limited to, direct, contributory or inducement to infringe).
Licensed Services means those Services that are available under a Subscription Plan, including without limitation GlobalMeet Collaboration, GlobalMeet Webinar and GlobalMeet Webcast Services. Please note Additional Terms of Service under section 11.

Examples of Licensed Services in a sentence

  • Supplier will notify all Authorized Users if the Solution, Solution Components, Deliverables, Product, Software, Updates, Application and/or Licensed Services, as obligated and provided by Supplier, contains any Open Source code and identify the specific Open Source License that applies to any embedded code dependent on Open Source code, provided by Supplier under this Contract.

  • The tangible embodiment of the work performed or Services, Maintenance Services, Licensed Services, Solution, Component, Software, plans, reports, data, Product, Supplier Product and Updates provided by the Supplier in fulfilling its obligations under the Contract or as identified in the applicable Statement of Work or order, including the development or creation of Work Product, if Work Product is authorized under the Contract.

  • The functional, performance, operational, compatibility, Acceptance testing criteria and other parameters and characteristics of the Product, Software, Solution, Component, Service(s), Application and Licensed Services and Deliverables, as authorized by the Contract and/or as set forth in Exhibit A and/or the applicable Statement of Work or order and such other parameters, characteristics, or performance standards that may be agreed upon in writing by the Parties.

  • Line item description of the Deliverable(s), Product(s), Software, Hardware, Services, Solution and Solution Components, Maintenance Services, and/or Licensed Services, as applicable to this Contract, including components thereof or service type, and, if applicable, the project milestone.

More Definitions of Licensed Services

Licensed Services means the activities necessary to accomplish all purposes of the Trust as set forth in the Trust Agreement.
Licensed Services means the performance by ED of an in vitro procedure within the Licensed Field which utilizes the Licensed Technology. Licensed Services include, but are not limited to, any combination of the steps of collecting a sample for analysis, isolating nucleic acid sequences from the sample, amplifying one or more desired sequences, analyzing the amplified material, including sequence analysis, and reporting the results.
Licensed Services means any service, the developing, using, performing, selling, offering for sale, importing or exporting of which by LICENSEE would, but for the licenses granted to LICENSEE in Article 2 of this Agreement, infringe a VALID CLAIM of the PATENT RIGHTS in the country in which any such service is so developed, used, performed, sold, offered for sale, imported or exported by LICENSEE.
Licensed Services means a service provided by a temporary homeless youth shelter, a youth services center, or other facility that is licensed to provide the service to a homeless youth.
Licensed Services shall have the meaning set forth in Exhibit A.
Licensed Services means all telecommunications services described in section 3.1;