Eligible Compensation definition

Eligible Compensation means all base straight time gross earnings, cash bonuses, commissions and overtime, including such amounts of gross earnings that are deferred by an Eligible Employee (a) under a qualified cash or deferred arrangement described in Section 401(k) of the Code or (b) to a plan qualified under Section 125 of the Code. Eligible Compensation does not include severance pay, hiring and relocation bonuses, pay in lieu of vacation, sick leave, gain from stock option exercises and other equity compensation income, imputed income arising under any Company group insurance or benefit program or any other special payments. The Committee, in its discretion, may establish a different definition of Eligible Compensation for a future Offering Period.
Eligible Compensation means, with respect to each Participant for each pay period, the full salary and wages paid to such Participant by the Company or a Participating Subsidiary, including commissions, bonuses (to the extent not excluded below), overtime pay and shift differentials. Except as otherwise determined by the Committee, “Eligible Compensation” does not include

Examples of Eligible Compensation in a sentence

  • Except as set forth in this Section 9, the amount of compensation to be withheld from a Participant's Eligible Compensation during each pay period shall be determined by the Participant's subscription agreement.

  • The amount of payroll withholding with respect to the Plan for any Participant during any pay period shall be at least 1% of the Participant's Eligible Compensation for such pay period, but shall not exceed 10% of the Participant's Eligible Compensation for such pay period.

  • Stock that is acquired pursuant to the exercise of all or any portion of an Option may be paid for only by means of payroll deductions from the Participant's Eligible Compensation.

More Definitions of Eligible Compensation

Eligible Compensation means (1) for persons eligible for the Variable Incentive Compensation Program or other similar programs: (A) a Participant's 1999 base earnings plus (B) any cash bonus awarded in early 2000, and (2) for persons ineligible for such bonus programs, a Participant's 1999 Adjusted Compensation.
Eligible Compensation means (i) for eligible exempt employees, such employee’s base salary at the time the Bonus or Spot Bonus is determined (prorated for time in an eligible position), and (ii) for eligible non-exempt and non-union hourly employees, such employees’ eligible wages for the applicable year as determined by the Company to be required by law.
Eligible Compensation means, with respect to any Eligible Board Member of any Adopting Fund, an amount equal to one-fifth of the total compensation, inclusive of compensation as a member of the Board or of a Board Committee or as chairperson of a Board Committee, earned by such Eligible Board Member for Eligible Service with respect to such Adopting Fund (other than under this Plan) in the five year period prior to the date of his or her Retirement.
Eligible Compensation means and refer to the Participant’s cash compensation paid through the Company’s or a Designated Entity’s payroll system for personal services rendered in the course of employment. “Eligible Compensation” shall be limited to amounts received by the Participant during the period he or she is participating in the Plan and includes salary, wages and other incentive payments, amounts contributed by the Participant to any benefit plan maintained by the Company or any Designated Entity (including any 401(k) plan, 125 plan, or any other deferred compensation plan), overtime pay, commissions, draws against commissions, shift premiums, sick pay, vacation pay, holiday pay, severance pay and shutdown pay, except to the extent that the exclusion of any such item (or a sub-set of any such item) is specifically directed by the Administrator for all Eligible Employees. “Eligible Compensation” does not include any remuneration paid in a form other than cash, fringe benefits (including car allowances and relocation payments), employee discounts, expense reimbursement or allowances, long-term disability payments, workmen’s compensation payments, welfare benefits, and any contributions that the Company or any Designated Entity makes to any benefit plan (including any 401(k) plan or any other welfare or retirement plan).
Eligible Compensation means the Compensation taken into account for purposes of determining a Participant’s Allocation for a Plan Year pursuant to Section 4.02 of the Part I of the Plan. If a Participant is a Participant in Part I of the Plan on the first day of any Plan Year, such Participant’s Eligible Compensation shall be his or her Compensation for such Plan Year paid while the Participant is employed as a member of an eligible class of Employees. If an Employee becomes a Participant in Part I of the Plan on any day after the first day of a Plan Year, such Participant’s Eligible Compensation shall be his or her Compensation for such Plan Year paid on and after the date he or she becomes a Participant and while the Participant is employed as a member of an eligible class of Employees.
Eligible Compensation means (i) the cash portion of any compensation payable by the Company to a Director for his or her services as a Director but shall not include any reimbursement by the Company of expenses incurred by a Director incidental to attendance at a meeting of the Company’s stockholders, the Board, or any committee of the Board, or of any other expense incurred on behalf of the Company, (ii) any Restricted Stock Units granted by the Company to a Director for his or her services as a Director, and (iii) any dividend equivalents paid on Restricted Stock Units pursuant to Section 9(d).
Eligible Compensation means (1) Compensation prior to January 1, 2009, and (2) after 2008, Base Salary and Bonuses, reduced by the amount of any deferrals made from such amounts under the Northrop Grumman Deferred Compensation Plan.