Bonus Compensation definition

Bonus Compensation shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3(b).
Bonus Compensation means the total amount payable under Sections 3(b) and 3(c).
Bonus Compensation means any cash compensation earned by a Participant for services rendered by a Participant under any bonus or cash incentive plan maintained by the Company.

Examples of Bonus Compensation in a sentence

  • Any amount once taken into account as Base Salary and/or Bonus Compensation for purposes of this Plan shall not be taken into account thereafter.

  • If Employee’s Employment hereunder is so terminated, Employee shall be paid, offset by payments under any disability insurance policy in effect, Employee’s unpaid Base Salary through the month in which the termination occurs, plus Bonus Compensation on the same basis as is set forth in Section 8(a) above.

  • From and after the Date of Termination, Employee shall no longer be entitled to receive Base Salary and Bonus Compensation and the Company shall no longer be required to pay premiums on any life insurance or disability policy for Employee.

  • In the case of such incomplete fiscal year, the Bonus Compensation shall be determined based upon the assumption that Employee would have earned the target Bonus Compensation in accordance with Section 4(b) and pro-rated, and all such Bonus Compensation, if any, payable as a result of this Section 8(a) shall be payable at the same time as bonuses would be payable to other executive officers (regardless of whether such other officers earned any such bonus).

  • Bonus Compensation Executive officers of the Company are eligible for annual incentive compensation in the form of a bonus in cash.

More Definitions of Bonus Compensation

Bonus Compensation means the amount awarded to a Participant for a Plan Year under any bonus plan maintained by the Company.
Bonus Compensation means cash compensation paid to a Participant, excluding Base Compensation, under the Employer’s bonus program or programs (including, but not limited to cash Incentive Awards under Section 8 of Parent’s 1998 Employee Incentive Plan or Section 8 of Parent’s 2005 Incentive Plan), as such may exist and be modified from time to time, and payable to a Participant following the conclusion of the Employer’s fiscal year in respect of service performed at any time during such fiscal year.
Bonus Compensation is defined in Section 3.2.
Bonus Compensation means the discretionary annual performance-based compensation you are eligible for in accordance with Article 2(d).
Bonus Compensation means the amount, if any, payable to Executive under this Section 3(b).
Bonus Compensation means the amount awarded to a Participant for a Plan Year under any bonus plan maintained by the Company and/or a Subsidiary which the Committee permits to be deferred under the Plan.
Bonus Compensation means cash compensation to be paid to an Eligible Employee by the Company with respect to services rendered during a Plan Year under any incentive compensation or bonus plan, program or arrangement which is maintained or which may be adopted by the Company.