Collaborator definition

Collaborator means any company, institution, incorporated body or other industry or academic collaborator, which is not an Institution or an Investigator but is to be engaged in the Research in collaboration with the Institutions or any of them;
Collaborator means the Navy participant or the Non-Navy participant represented and bound by the signatories of this Agreement.

Examples of Collaborator in a sentence

  • Since this note is addressed also to young colleagues, possibly beyond their Ph.D. Thesis, read in place of Thesis Advisor an Experienced Collaborator (e.g., the head of the research group).2My advice may be more suitable to physicists, since this is my field.B.1 No specific advice will be given here for English language help for non-native speakers.

  • Part of the finished equipment may be purchased as per the sources provided by the MoU partner and no deviation allowed in the source list.MoU/Collaborated items where part of all Finished equipment is purchased only from the MoU / Collaborator and sent directly to Consignee without bringing inside ITI.

  • Xxxxx, PhD Xxxxxxx and Executive Vice Chancellor – For and on behalf of University of Massachusetts Dartmouth ________________________________ Collaborator Contact, MD, Ph. D etc.

  • Collaborator accepts such engagement under the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement, and Collaborator and the Physician Participants agree to devote their best efforts to working for the benefit of and to further the best interests of Hospital, Beneficiaries , and other patients in accordance with Hospital's policies and procedures and the Care Redesign plan.

  • This MOU is independent of any previous MOU between UMD and Collaborator Acronymn.

More Definitions of Collaborator

Collaborator means any person other than the Customer whose data or information concerning whom are processed by the Bank (or whose data or information the Bank becomes aware of) mostly in connection with the provision of some service for the Customer. Such person can be in particular anyone who contributes to the fulfilment of a contract to be concluded with the Customer (the Customer’s agent, representative, a witness, interpreter, translator, collateral provider or anyone making a commitment to provide security to the contract (guarantor, pledgor) or any other beneficiary and/or obligor (beneficiary of a payment order, seller of a real estate financed by the Bank).
Collaborator means an Investigator who works with another Investigator or a Decision Maker who works with another Decision Maker to issue a Decision.
Collaborator means a person who makes a significant material or intellectual contribution to the Grant.
Collaborator or "collaborators" means any person or persons who participate with an included person on a discovery.
Collaborator means a person or organisation that is a not a sub contractor and who works with the Contractor on the Research being done under this Contract.
Collaborator means (i) in respect of Flexion, a Third Party that Flexion is collaborating with for the purpose of research and development of the Compound and (ii) in respect of AstraZeneca, a Third Party that AstraZeneca or any of its Affiliates is collaborating with in respect of its or their business.