Collaboration Compound definition

Collaboration Compound means any of the following: (a) FG-4592, (b) any HIF Compound (other than FG-4592) that is added to this Agreement pursuant to Section 3.6, and (c) any salts, esters, complexes, chelates, crystalline and amorphous morphic forms, pegylated forms, enantiomers (excluding regioisomers), prodrugs, solvates, metabolites and catabolites of any of the foregoing ((a) or (b)).
Collaboration Compound means each compound that is: (i) a Synthesized Compound, (ii) a Collaboration Derivative Synthesized by or under authority of either Party or any of its Controlled Affiliates, after August 25, 2004, but prior to June 30, 2011, (iii) a Licensed Pre-Existing Compound, (iv) Covered by a Valid Claim of a Joint Collaboration Patent or a Sunesis Collaboration Patent, or (v) Covered by a Valid Claim of a patent within the Sunesis Core Technology as applied (A) to the Collaboration Target by or under authority of either Party or any of its Controlled Affiliates, or (B) to a Target other than the Collaboration Target by or under authority of Biogen Idec or any of its Controlled Affiliates. Notwithstanding the foregoing, BIIB062 shall not constitute a Collaboration Compound.
Collaboration Compound means a Drug Candidate (and any Follow-On Compound with respect to such Drug Candidate) and/or a Future Program Compound (and any Follow-On Compound with respect to such Future Program Compound), as applicable.

Examples of Collaboration Compound in a sentence

  • CombiChem shall maintain aliquots of any Collaboration Compound that has been synthesized by CombiChem.

  • Subject to oversight by the JSC, the Parties shall be jointly responsible for procuring sufficient quantities of Collaboration Compound and Collaboration Product as are necessary for the Parties to perform their respective obligations under the Development Plan.

  • After the Effective Date, GlobeImmune shall provide written notice to Celgene promptly after commencing any additional Development efforts for any Collaboration Compound.

  • If at any time there is only one Collaboration Compound (either because no additional Collaboration Compounds have been developed or because development of all other Collaboration Compounds have been terminated), then the foregoing obligation shall be for one Product only.

  • Awards may furthermore be forfeited by an Awardee if the Committee determines that the Awardee has at any time engaged in any activity harmful to the interest of the Company or Affiliates; engages in competition with the Company or Affiliates; or accepts employment with a competitor of the Company or Affiliates.

More Definitions of Collaboration Compound

Collaboration Compound means [ * ].
Collaboration Compound means Xxxxxxxxx’x proprietary compound designated by Xxxxxxxxx on the Effective Date as “HMPL-504,” as more fully described in Schedule 1.19 and as improved or modified in connection with this Agreement, [**].
Collaboration Compound set forth in Section 1.5 of the Agreement, is hereby amended and restated in its entirety as follows: ““Collaboration Compound” shall mean a chemical entity that is synthesized solely by a Party or jointly by the Parties prior to or in the course of the Research Program, or prior to the [***] of the expiration or termination of the Research Program Term, that is: (a) [***] that [***] incorporates HepDirect Technology; (b) [***] of a [***] that [***] incorporates HepDirect Technology; and/or (c) [***] of a [***] that does not [***] incorporate HepDirect Technology.”;
Collaboration Compound means:
Collaboration Compound means any molecule that (a) has a molecular weight less than or equal to [ * ]; (b) has the ability to inhibit, activate or otherwise modulate the activity of a Mammalian Target (other than a Confirmed Target) or its encoded protein; and (c) such ability is identified by or on behalf of BMS or its Affiliate or sublicensee through the use to any material extent of a Mammalian Target (other than a Confirmed Target) or any information relating to a Mammalian Target (other than a Confirmed Target) developed by or on behalf of BMS or its Affiliate or sublicensee by material use of such Mammalian Target, the DNA sequence relating thereto, or any other Research Results disclosed to BMS hereunder that (i) directly relate to such Mammalian Target (other than a Confirmed Target) or the Target to which such Mammalian Target is related, and (ii) Remain Confidential at the time of such use, provided that the foregoing definition is subject to the limitations in Section 4.15.
Collaboration Compound means: (a) Lead Compounds; (b) Development Candidates; or (c) any isomer, racemate, salt, solvate, hydrate, metabolite, conjugate, co-crystals, polymorphs, ester, or prodrug of the compounds set forth in clause (a) or (b) of this definition.
Collaboration Compound means each Lead Collaboration Compound, each Related Collaboration Compound with respect thereto, each Licensed Derivative with respect to any of the foregoing first Derived by or on behalf of AstraZeneca or its Affiliates or Sublicensees after the Tail Period and, only under the circumstances provided in Section 3.3.2(b)(A), Ispronicline. For purposes of clarity, all Collaboration Compounds are also Collaboration Candidates.