Licensee definition

Licensee has the meaning set forth in the preamble.
Licensee means a person licensed under this chapter.
Licensee means the holder of a licence;

Examples of Licensee in a sentence

  • Upon termination by Licensee of the License on all or part of the Licensed Premises, and if requested by Licensor, Licensee shall remove the Improvements within the 30-day notice period at its own expense and restore the Licensed Premises to its original condition to the extent reasonably practicable, ordinary wear and tear excepted.

  • Though Licensor shall take reasonable care when doing so, Licensor shall not be responsible to Licensee for any damage to the Improvements that may occur in the course of maintenance, repair or snow removal operations.

  • Licensee acknowledges that Xxxxxxx shall retain exclusive ownership of all proprietary rights to the Proprietary Information, including all U.S. and international intellectual property and other rights such as patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.

  • Licensee shall have no right or interest in any portion of the Proprietary Information except the right to use the Proprietary Information for the Limited Purpose set forth herein.

  • Licensee is responsible for reimbursing Licensor for the repair of any damage to fences, signs, delineators, guardrails, landscape plantings of Licensor, or any other right of way improvements resulting from Licensee’s operations.

More Definitions of Licensee

Licensee means a person licensed under this act.
Licensee means any person licensed under this chapter.
Licensee means the Selected Bidder, who has executed the License Agreement with DMRC pursuant to the conclusion of the bidding process.
Licensee means a person who holds a license.
Licensee means the holder of a license.
Licensee means a person who is:
Licensee means the holder of a licence under the Act;