Collaboration Target definition

Collaboration Target means any Antigen listed on Appendix C, as such appendix may be amended pursuant to this Agreement.
Collaboration Target means each of (i) Tau, including Derivatives thereof, (ii) [***], including Derivatives thereof (this clause (ii), the “[***] Target”), (iii) TDP-43, including Derivatives thereof and (iv) in the event that the JSC agrees in writing to substitute any of the foregoing targets in (i), (ii) or (iii) with a replacement target as set forth in Section 4.2.5(a), such replacement target (including Derivatives thereof). Collaboration Targets shall exclude all Lapsed Targets and Derivatives thereof.

Examples of Collaboration Target in a sentence

  • Subject to and in accordance with Section 3.2.3 (Collaboration Target Substitution Right), Sanofi may select a Sanofi Desired Target confirmed as an Available Target by the Gatekeeper in such notice as a Substitute Target; provided [***]; provided, further, [***].

  • Tell students that they are going to read a request from a hotel to Helen Draper at Stevens Electrical.

  • Upon request by the applicable JDC or by either Party, in the case of Oncology Collaboration Targets, or either Party, in the case of Immunology Collaboration Targets, the other Party will provide such JDC with such other information with respect to such Party’s Development activities for the Licensed Compounds and Licensed Products Directed To the applicable Collaboration Target, as such JDC or either Party may reasonably request for [***].

  • If those who embrace future bodily resurrection understand it as something that happens to the group as a group, then future bodily resurrection may be described as a future possible social identity.

  • The Lead Candidate Criteria for the Collaboration Target described in Section 1.16(i) (i.e., Tau) shall be determined by the JSC within [***] ([***]) days after the Effective Date, and for each other Collaboration Target, at such time as the JSC agrees, but in no event later than [***] of the Effective Date.

More Definitions of Collaboration Target

Collaboration Target means [****].
Collaboration Target means a Vertex Target that Vertex has selected as the subject of a Research Plan in accordance with Section 2.3.3.
Collaboration Target means: (i) each Included Collaboration Target and (ii) each Additional Collaboration Target.
Collaboration Target means the BTK Target.
Collaboration Target means those Mitotic Kinesin Targets that are selected as Collaboration Targets in accordance with Section 2.7 or Section 2.8, except as otherwise provided in this Agreement.
Collaboration Target means a gene target designated as a Collaboration Target pursuant to Section 1.2.
Collaboration Target. Collaboration Target means (a) an Additional Antibody Target, a Nominated Target or a Non-Validated Collaboration Target with respect to which OSI has exercised its Option pursuant to Section 3.7(c) and (b) a Pre-Selected Antibody Target; provided that a Collaboration Target shall cease to constitute a Collaboration Target if at any time such Target is deemed to be an AVEO Target pursuant to this Agreement. For avoidance of doubt, none of the OSI Active Program Targets shall be deemed a Collaboration Target for purposes of this Agreement.