Sublicensees definition

Sublicensees as used herein in either singular or plural shall mean any person or entity other than an AFFILIATED COMPANY to which Company has granted a sublicense under this Agreement.
Sublicensees has the meaning specified in Section 2.3.

Examples of Sublicensees in a sentence

The report shall also cover such activities by Affiliates and Sublicensees.

Licensee will cause all Sublicensees to comply with the terms of this Section 8.5 to the same extent as Licensee.

Licensee, its Affiliates, and any Sublicensees shall mark any Licensed Product (or their containers or labels) made, sold, or otherwise distributed by it or them with any notice of patent rights necessary or desirable under applicable law to enable the Licensed Patents to be enforced to their full extent in any country where Licensed Products are made, used, sold, offered for sale, or imported.

Upon termination of this Agreement, LICENSEE may dispose of all previously made or partially made Licensed Product within a period of one hundred and twenty (120) days of the effective date of such termination provided that the sale of such Licensed Product by LICENSEE, its Sublicensees, or Affiliates shall be subject to the terms of this Agreement, including but not limited to the rendering of reports and payment of royalties required under this Agreement.

To the extent commercially feasible and consistent with prevailing business practices, Company shall mark, and shall cause its Affiliates and Sublicensees to mark, all Licensed Products that are manufactured or sold under this Agreement with the number of each issued patent under the Patent Rights that applies to such Licensed Product.

More Definitions of Sublicensees

Sublicensees means any third party sublicensed by Licensee to make, have made, use, have used, sell, have sold, import, have imported, exported, or have exported Licensed Product or to practice or have practiced any Licensed Process.
Sublicensees has the meaning set forth in Section 2.2.
Sublicensees means any person or entity sublicensed by LICENSEE under this Agreement to make, have made, use, market or sell Products designed and marketed for use in the Field of Use.
Sublicensees means any Person other than an Affiliate of Company to which Company has granted a sublicense under this Agreement.
Sublicensees means any person acting pursuant to a sublicense granted to it by EOS or its Affiliates under the terms of this Agreement.