Research Use Sample Clauses

Research Use. The Requester agrees that if access is approved, (1) the PI named in the DAR and (2) those named in the “Senior/Key Person Profile” section of the DAR, including the Information Technology Director and any trainee, employee, or contractor1 working on the proposed research project under the direct oversight of these individuals, shall become Approved Users of the requested dataset(s). Research use will occur solely in connection with the approved research project described in the DAR, which includes a 1-2 paragraph description of the proposed research (i.e., a Research Use Statement). Investigators interested in using Cloud Computing for data storage and analysis must request permission to use Cloud Computing in the DAR and identify the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) or providers and/or Private Cloud System (PCS) that they propose to use. They must also submit a Cloud Computing Use Statement as part of the DAR that describes the type of service and how it will be used to carry out the proposed research as described in the Research Use Statement. If the Approved Users plan to collaborate with investigators outside the Requester, the investigators at each external site must submit an independent DAR using the same project title and Research Use Statement, and if using the cloud, Cloud Computing Use Statement. New uses of these data outside those described in the DAR will require submission of a new DAR; modifications to the research project will require submission of an amendment to this application (e.g., adding or deleting Requester Collaborators from the Requester, adding datasets to an approved project). Access to the requested dataset(s) is granted for a period of one (1) year, with the option to renew access or close-out a project at the end of that year. Submitting Investigator(s), or their collaborators, who provided the data or samples used to generate controlled-access datasets subject to the NIH GDS Policy and who have Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval and who meet any other study specific terms of access, are exempt from the limitation on the scope of the research use as defined in the DAR.
Research Use. The Requester agrees that if access is approved, (1) the PI named in the Data Access Request (DAR) and
Research Use. Customer acknowledges that, unless expressly stated otherwise in writing by Illumina, the Products have not been subjected to regulatory review or approved or cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration or any other regulatory entity whether foreign or domestic, or otherwise reviewed, cleared or approved under any statute, law, rule or regulation for any purpose, whether research, commercial, diagnostic or otherwise. The Products are labeled For Research Use Only. Illumina does not make any representation, warranty or covenant that pertains in any way to the regulatory status of the Products and Customer’s intended use for Customer Use.
Research Use. Research Use licenses are granted to research institutes, research groups, or universities for regular, but non-commercial processing of data within research projects.
Research Use. UABRF hereby retains the right to, and this Agreement shall not limit UABRF’s ability to, utilize the Licensed IP Rights for internal research, academic and educational purposes at UAB, UAB Related Entities and academic institution collaborators of UAB, for patient care at UAB and UAB Related Entities, and/or for the performance of services for for-profit or not-for-profit institutions.
Research Use. The RECIPIENT(S) agree that they will use the DATA solely in connection with the research project described in this DUA.
Research Use. The RECIPIENT and APPROVED USERS agree that they will use the Research Materials solely in connection with the research project described in the Research Plan named in this RMDA. Substantive modifications to the research project will require submission of a revised RMDA.
Research Use. Recipient will only use the Human Material for the Research Project that is described in the attached eyeGENE® Resource Access Application (SF424) for [Insert name or number, as needed, to identify], which is incorporated into and made a part of this MTA. Recipient will not use the Human Material for any commercial purposes, including selling, commercial screening, or transferring Human Material to a third party for commercial purposes. Recipient AGREES THAT THIS HUMAN MATERIAL MAY NOT BE USED IN HUMANS OR FOR ANY DIAGNOSTIC, PROGNOSTIC, OR TREATMENT PURPOSES. The Recipient will comply with all laws, rules and regulations applicable to the handling and use of the Human Material. The Recipient will allow the use of Human Materials only by Investigator and Investigator’s research team that are under the direct supervision of Investigator and only after they have been informed of and agreed to the provisions and restrictions stated herein. The Investigator will share this document with any research staff that may use the Human Material. Any transfer of Human Material to other than Investigator’s research team requires the advanced written approval of the Provider, except as required by law.
Research Use a. For each proposed Research Project, User(s) agree(s) to submit a Data Use Request (DUR) to the NCATS N3C DAC for review and approval to access the Data.
Research Use. Research Use licenses are sold to research institutes and universities for research projects and for regular, but non-commercial processing of research data.