Best execution definition

Best execution means prompt and reliable execution at the most favorable security price, taking into account the other provisions hereinafter set forth. The determination of what may constitute best execution and price in the execution of a securities transaction by a broker involves a number of considerations, including, without limitation, the overall direct net economic result to the Fund (involving both price paid or received and any commissions and other costs paid), the efficiency with which the transaction is effected, the ability to effect the transaction at all where a large block is involved, availability of the broker to stand ready to execute possibly difficult transactions in the future, and the financial strength and stability of the broker. Such considerations are judgmental and are weighed by the Manager in determining the overall reasonableness of brokerage commissions.
Best execution means prompt and reliable execution at the most favorable securities price, taking into account the other provisions hereinafter set forth. Whenever the Adviser places orders, or directs the placement of orders, for the purchase or sale of portfolio securities on behalf of the Fund, in selecting brokers or dealers to execute such orders, the Adviser is expressly authorized to consider the fact that a broker or dealer has furnished statistical, research or other information or services which enhance the Adviser's research and portfolio management capability generally. It is further understood in accordance with Section 28(e) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, that the Adviser may negotiate with and assign to a broker a commission which may exceed the commission which another broker would have charged for effecting the transaction if the Adviser determines in good faith that the amount of commission charged was reasonable in relation to the value of brokerage and/or research services (as defined in Section 28(e)) provided by such broker, viewed in terms either of the Fund or the Adviser's overall responsibilities to the Adviser's discretionary accounts. Neither the Adviser nor any parent, subsidiary or related firm shall act as a securities broker with respect to any purchases or sales of securities which may be made on behalf of the Fund, provided that this limitation shall not prevent the Adviser from utilizing the services of a securities broker which is a parent, subsidiary or related firm, provided such broker effects transactions on a "cost only" or "nonprofit" basis to itself and provides competitive execution. Unless otherwise directed by the Trust in writing, the Adviser may utilize the service of whatever independent securities brokerage firm or firms it deems appropriate to the extent that such firms are competitive with respect to price of services and execution.
Best execution means the most advantageous execution terms reasonably available under the circumstances;

Examples of Best execution in a sentence

  • We have implemented an internal governance and control framework including first line and second line in order to review and monitor our Best Execution arrangements on a regular basis and upon a material change.

  • We are not under an obligation to obtain the best possible result for each individual order, but we must comply with this Policy and meet the Best Execution Obligation on a consistent basis.

  • Berenberg, Gossler & Co. KG · WAM Best Execution PolicyThe factors are weighted for the execution of orders.

  • Even though the Best Execution Obligation does not apply according to regulations, we must act honestly, fairly, and professionally in accordance with your best interests.

  • It is, however, important to note that although in the circumstances described above the Best Execution Obligation will typically not apply; we will still be required to treat you fairly and to manage any conflicts of interest that may arise.

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Best execution means the most favorable terms for a transaction based on all relevant factors, including those listed in the paragraph titled Factors Used to Select Broker/Dealers for Client Transactions. We recognize our obligation in seeking best execution for our clients; however, it is our belief that the determinative factor is not always the lowest possible cost but whether the selected custodian’s transactions represent the best “qualitative execution” while taking into consideration the full range of services provided. Our firm will seek services involving competitive rates but it may not necessarily correlate into the lowest possible rate for each transaction. We have determined having our portfolio management clients’ accounts trades completed through our recommended custodian is consistent with our obligation to seek best execution of client trades. A review is regularly conducted with regard to recommending a custodian to our clients in light of our duty to seek best execution.
Best execution means prompt and reliable execution at the most favorable price obtainable. The Manager need not seek competitive commission bidding. However, it is expected to be aware of the current rates of eligible brokers and to minimize the commissions paid to the extent consistent with the interests and policies of the Fund as established by its Board of Trustees. Under the investment advisory agreement, the Manager may select brokers (other than affiliates) that provide brokerage and/or research services for the Fund and/or the other accounts over which the Manager or its affiliates have investment discretion. The commissions paid to such brokers may be higher than another qualified broker would charge, if the Manager makes a good faith determination that the commission is fair and reasonable in relation to the services provided. Subject to those considerations, as a factor in selecting brokers for the Fund's portfolio transactions, the Manager may also consider sales of shares of the Fund and other investment companies for which the Manager or an affiliate serves as investment advisor.
Best execution means, in relation to the execution of an Order or the reception and transmission of an Order, where applicable, the process by which we are required to take all sufficient steps to obtain the best possible result for the Client in accordance with our Execution Policy;
Best execution means using best endeavours to obtain for a client the best available price for the size and kind of transaction concerned relative to the instructions received from that client;
Best execution means taking all steps, as set out in our order execution policy which is available from our office, to obtain the best possible results for Plan investors when buying and selling Shares.
Best execution means that we take all sufficient steps to achieve the best possible results for our Clients, taking into account the execution factors.